Paris Attack Mastermind Dead

By Faye Higbee

After a standoff of an hour and a half, a hail of bullets and one suicide bomb, a check of  DNA has confirmed today that the mastermind of the Paris attacks on November 13, is dead. France has mounted police raids across the country to find jihadists who are associated with ISIS in any way.

Paris attack ‘mastermind’

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27 had been sought by French authorities as the man behind the plot to kill at least 120 people. He was also linked to at lest 4 other plots, including the train incident in which Americans foiled the terror plot.

Abaaoud had bragged about his stealth capability:

“Allah blinded their vision and I was able to leave… despite being chased after by so many intelligence agencies.”

paris attack

French police remove a body from the apartment- photo via BBC

The Raid

French police surrounded an apartment in the town of Saint-Denis on Wednesday. Gunfire and explosions echoed through the neighborhood. Several police officers were injured during the raid.

According to experts, Abaaoud was not the only player in the plans to attack Paris. They are searching for two more suspect, but there many be up to 20 more.

As one of the policemen interviewed Abaaoud’s cousin, Hasna Aitboulahcen,  she detonated her suicide belt. According to media reports there wasn’t much left of her body. Her connection to the Paris attacks is unclear at this time.


One of the many Belgian police raids – photo via BBC

The Manhunt for more suspects continues

Fox News wrote,

The manhunt for at least two other suspects believed to have participated in the attacks continued. Police have identified one of them as Salah Abdeslam, who grew up in the same Belgian district as Abaaoud, the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek.

There was no indication Abdeslam escaped to neighboring Spain or tried to do so, Diaz added. He told Antena 3 television that security officials from several countries were called together in Paris to discuss the possibility that Abdeslam might try to cross into a country bordering France.

Spanish police say French authorities sent a bulletin to officers across Europe asking them to watch out for a Citroen Xsara car that could be carrying Abdeslam.

Also Thursday, authorities say they detained nine people during as many raids in the Brussels area. Two of the detentions were related to Friday’s massacre, and seven others involved the entourage of Bilal Hafdi, one of the suicide bombers at the stadium, but related to issues from before the Paris attacks, according to a prosecution official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Taking control

France took the ‘bull by the horns’ and started a sweep of the country. It is sad that they had to do this at all.