Parents of Marine Veteran Trevor Reed Say Biden Refused to Meet With Them

Faye Higbee

One of the classy things about most Presidents is that if a family was suffering in a high profile situation, they’d meet with them to at least give them a voice, even if it was only two minutes. It wasn’t always effective for anything, but it was at least showed compassion. Now we have Basement Biden, whose administration refused to let parents of Trevor Reed, Joey and Paula, have a couple minutes with him while he was in Texas. Trevor Reed, a US Marine veteran, was convicted in 2019 of assaulting a police officer in Russia and sentenced to 9 years in prison. And we now have few bargaining chips to get him, or any other Americans in imprisoned in Russia back because of the sanctions.

Asked about the imprisoned men, Putin said Reed was a “troublemaker” and “drunk” who “got himself s**t-faced and started a fight.”

NBC June 2021

Trevor’s parents called Putin’s statement insulting and wrong. His trial appears to have been a sham, and the prosecution’s accusations completely off base, as we previously reported.

Not enough time to talk

Rep August Pfluger (R-TX) stated that it was disappointing that Biden refused to meet with Trevor’s parents, according to Fox. The couple said they were told that Biden “didn’t have enough time” in his schedule for a meeting. (He doesn’t have enough time for reporters often as well – keeps turning his back on them and walking away.)

Biden often just turns his back on reporters. Screenshot via PartiotJournal

Last year both houses of Congress passed a resolution calling for Trevor’s immediate release. Of course, resolutions have no teeth in them, but getting a bipartisan anything through Congress is a Herculean feat. Marine Veteran Trevor Reed reportedly was assigned to protect Biden at Camp David when he was Vice President.

The problem exists with Trevor’s health. His parents say that he has been denied medical treatment, and is throwing up blood on a daily basis.

So if Biden doesn’t have time to talk with them, how about a compassionate letter to them to at least acknowledge any avenue that could be extended for his freedom? We’ll wait.


Featured screenshot via KWTX

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