Parents Enraged at Michigan Democrat Party Over Facebook Post. “They Think They Own Our Kids.”

Faye Higbee
michigan democrat party

A ridiculous Facebook post from the Michigan Democrat Party left Michigan parents enraged. The Democrats took down the post, saying it shouldn’t be misinterpreted and that it wasn’t part of their “values.” Which is a blatant lie.

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Not sure where this ‘parents-should-control-what-is-taught-in-schools-because-they-are-our-kids’ is originating, but parents do have the option to send their kids to a hand-selected private school at their own expense if this is what they desire.

The purpose of public education in public schools is not to teach kids only what parents want them to be taught. It is to teach them what society needs them to know. The client of the public school is not the parent, but the entire community, the public.

Michigan Democrat Party (and not that’s not a typo- they are anything but “democratic”)

Michigan mothers expressed outrage Wednesday on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday after the state’s Democratic Party dismissed the role of parents in public education in a since-deleted Facebook post. 

“I think that the Michigan Democratic Party, teachers unions, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer, they think they own our kids,” Michigan mother of four Tori Sachs told Ainsley Earhardt.

Sachs said the message from the group was “especially disturbing” given their advocacy for school closures and Whitmer’s decision to veto scholarships intended for parents to pay for at-home tutoring or in-person learning at another school. 

She went on to say that the Democratic Party and Whitmer have been “out of touch” with the American people, asserting that the latter has been “controlled” by teachers’ unions “her entire time in office.”

Fox and Friends

Despite the Michigan Democrat Party saying that parents should stay out of the public schools, Michigan has laws that protect the parents’ right to be involved in their children’s education. According to Tudor Dixon, a gubernatorial candidate, one Michigan school district held an “Equity Challenge” event in which the words “land of opportunity” were considered a “microaggression.” That statement in and of itself is the real aggression. There isn’t anything “micro” about it.

“Public schools” are funded by the “public.” Parents are part of the taxpaying public. All Democrats need to be voted out of office sooner rather than later.


Featured screenshot of Gretchen Whitmer

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