Palestinian Terrorist Slaughters Israeli Family

Faye Higbee
palestinian terrorist

Halamish, Israel: It was Friday night, and the Salomon family was eagerly awaiting guests who would help them share in the celebration of a new grandchild.  Their door was open in anticipation of their arrival. Instead, a Palestinian terrorist, Omar El-Abed, burst inside with a “large knife” and began stabbing the family members in their kitchen. A neighbor, who was a member of the IDF, stopped the carnage.

Three family members were murdered: the grandfather, Yosef Salomon, 70, his daughter Chaya Salomon, 46, and son Elad Salomon, 36.  Tova Salomon, wife of Yosef, was seriously injured and was transported to the hospital where she underwent surgery.

Elad’s wife managed to herd their children into a bedroom and lock the door. She then called police and “screamed for help.”

A neighbor, who happened to be a member of the IDF special forces canine unit, was near the house when it happened. He understood immediately what was going on when he heard the screams. He leaped into action, ran to the home, and shot through the window, wounding the terrorist.

“I understood immediately what was happening — I saw the terrorist and shot him through the window. I understood the situation thoroughly. I shot into [the house] from outside. I didn’t think a lot. I acted immediately.” Sgt A, IDF (name not identified due to security concerns)

Sgt A gives his statement to police- Screenshot

According to the Times of Israel,

An initial investigation after the incident showed that Abed had triggered an earlier alarm when he climbed over the fence of the settlement, but the alarm only went off in the community security control center. He managed to make into the house of his victims, some 150 meters from where he breached the fence, without being challenged.

The IDF was investigating how he managed to walk the three kilometers (2 miles) from his village to Halamish without being detected, and why the first alarm, when he breached the fence, was not conveyed to the local security unit.

The army said it appeared Abed had posted a Facebook post detailing his intention as he walked toward the community. He reportedly had a Quran with him. Before crossing the fence, he apparently performed some type of purification ritual, anticipating he would be killed. Empty water bottles were found at the site.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated in response to the attack,

“This was an act of terror perpetrated by a human animal, infused with abhorrent hatred.”



Will anyone ever understand that there is no excuse for this hatred? As the world plays games and accuses Israel of things, they never once see that these terror attacks are perpetrated by pure evil.  You cannot negotiate with evil…it will never listen.

Featured photos via IDF- Israeli Defense Force