Palestinian Attack at Israeli Bus Station

By Faye Higbee

Beersheba, Israel – According to the Jerusalem Post, an attacker armed with a knife stabbed an Israeli soldier to death at a bus stop in Beersheba on Sunday, snatched his rifle, and shot several others before police shot him dead at around 7:30 p.m. local time.

At the same time, a Eritrean man on the other side of the station was mistaken as a second attacker and shot in the lower body by security personnel, then to add insult to injury, an angry mob beat him up so badly he is now in serious condition.

Police were combing the area after the shooting  in case there were other terrorists involved. The IDF soldier was killed, as was the attacker. At least 10 were wounded.

The scene at the Central Bus Station – photo by Even Haim/Flash90

Israeli bus station

The Jerusalem Post wrote,

“Inside of the station there were several wounded and laid out over an area of about 30 meters, all of them in their late 20s.”

Soroka Hospital said in a statement that 10 shooting victims were brought for treatment Sunday night. These included one who arrived showing no signs of life, two others who were seriously wounded, and the rest lightly-to-moderately wounded, mainly with injuries to their extremities. Several others were treated for shock and released. Four of those wounded are police officers, Negev subdistrict police said Sunday night.

According to the article, there were no prior warnings of the attack.

 israeli bus station

The Beersheba attack- photo via Times of Israel

Days of Rage- Intifada

The violence in Israel, as we have previously reported, has been “encouraged” by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority – they are attempting to force Israel to its knees – and the world to intervene to give them what they want. They use violence to do it.

Thousands of Israeli police backed by the Israeli Defense Force have been deployed throughout Israel due to the violence, and security has been tight. Sunday had been a quiet day, up until this incident.

In other Sunday violence

Palestinians clashed with the IDF near  the Mount Hebron region of the West Bank, and two rioters sustained injuries from rifle rounds fired by soldiers.Hundreds of Palestinian rioters threw rocks at the army in that area, while firebombs and rocks were lobbed at soldiers elsewhere in the West Bank. More violence occurred in Ramallah as well.

It has been a nightmare for Israelis across the country. Into that rancor comes Secretary of State John Kerry who plans to meet with both sides over the violence very soon. So will he suggest a new jobs program for the terrorists?