Pacific Highway Border Protest: Canadian Truckers Arrive in Northwest

Faye Higbee

The RCMP tried to prevent the Canadian truckers from breaking through a barricade at the Pacific Highway Border Crossing in Surrey, BC on Saturday. One truck broke through, and as police scrambled to get reinforcements, the protest expanded from 8 city blocks to 16 blocks.

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As the truck broke through the police line, the RCMP swarmed around it. But protesters linked arms and surrounded police, then broke into a “rousing” rendition of the Canadian national anthem.

However, protesters locked arms and circled the police after a rousing singing of “O Canada,” while others cleared hundreds of people to allow the driver a narrow passage on the road leading down to the other trucks, which had crossed before the RCMP strengthened the blockade.

The driver, who didn’t provide his name, told The Epoch Times that his entry into the “forbidden zone” was necessary to demonstrate the importance of the ongoing convoys and protests at other border crossings and in Ottawa.

“I’m here for the long haul,” he said. “Everybody should be off the couch and down here. What else are we going to do if we don’t stand up now for our freedoms?”

The Epoch Times

According to witnesses, the Freedom Convoy began in Chilliwack, BC, and as it neared Surrey it stretched to about 25 miles long. By the time it actually reached Surrey, it had expanded to about 90 blocks. The roads were clogged with vehicles, and all “feeder” roads were a mess. According to some Canadian media outlets, the border was closed, but one US media outlet said it was open. Some people had to walk about a mile to reach the protest.

Screenshot via Twitter

I just started driving and regular Canadians started to open it up. It was like Moses and the Red Sea just parted ways, and we were able to go.

Colby Seiz, truck driver

By Sunday, the RCMP had arrested four people for “mischief.”

Most protesters remained behind the barricades, playing loud music and holding signs that demanded the mandates be removed. Americans from Blaine, Washington on the US side of the Pacific Highway Border Crossing brought US flags, and shouted encouragement to the truckers.

Screenshot via Reuters

One Canadian veteran, James Topp, who was recently let go because he refused the vaccine, is not only on the side of the truckers but he is also planning to walk to Ottawa beginning Feb 20 to bring awareness to the loss of freedoms.

“I’m here because I am taking a stand against government mandates being imposed on Canadians who choose not to receive a vaccination in order to work.” James Topp (Screenshot)

Canadian truckers and their supporters are united in their quest for freedom from vaccine mandates. But as in the US, there are leftists who hate the whole idea of a protest against freedom-crushing mandates and are calling the truckers “terrorists.” Some are calling for the Canadian military to be unleashed against the protesters. Witnesses say the protest is now in every Province across Canada.

Will the day come when fools like Trudeau snap and do the unthinkable? So far, a few Provinces have dropped their mandates, but Trudeau has kept his border crossing edict. As this plays out, we should watch carefully as our neighbors to the North take on their government.


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