Outrun Three Marines? No Chance

By Faye Higbee

Outrun Three Marines? No Chance

It was three teenage criminals versus three Marines in their dress blues. Not really much of a contest, but the criminals didn’t know that.

Cellphone thieves

Three suspected cell phone thieves began targeting victims at the mall in Westland, Michigan. When a woman screamed that three men had just stolen her cellphone, three Marines who were working temporary duty at the Recruiting Station leaped into action without a thought.

outrun marines

Private First Class Blayne Edwards, Private Alec Berezansky and Private First Class Ryan Delaca took off after them, chasing three teenagers who had stolen the woman’s cell phone.

“Our core values are honor courage and commitment to do the right thing. So when an opportunity arises to help someone, we always do that.” Pvt. Alec Berezansky

Trying to outrun Marines, even in their dress blues – not a smart choice

The teens apparently were clueless about Marines. The men chased the teens through a busy intersection, across the street to the local Target store about 500 yards from where the chase began. There they surrounded the teens until police arrived.

“Do you really think you can outrun three Marines?”  Pfc. Blayne Edwards

The Marines said they were sort of surprised to be able to catch up to the boys in their dress shoes.

“I will say I’m a little surprised we caught up to them in our dress shoes. They were not happy though. When we caught up to them, they said some words.” Private First Class Ryan Delaca

Though one of the boys decided to press his luck, he was apprehended when he tried to enter the store.

The cheers of onlookers

The Military Times reported,

While the effort garnered the cheer of onlookers, the trio was humble in describing the events to Marine Corps Times…

“We stress to these guys to be prepared for any situation, especially in a day and age when our enemy isn’t always wearing a uniform,” he said. “Whether it is a small petty theft or something on a bigger scale, we make sure their head is already on a swivel and they are prepared for any situation.

The Marines said the police at the scene were thankful for their assistance. They found at least three other cell phones on the suspects that were believed to have been stolen.

“They are three of our finest, and I think that was definitely displayed during this event,” Nelson said.

The lady got her cellphone back, and police were thankful for the help. But then, it’s what Marines do, right?