Our Foundation Is Our Weakest Link

By Joshua Kincaid

Many would attribute the current divide in this country to the polarizing election now a couple months past.  However, when delving deeper into the big picture, it is simply a byproduct.


Many have stopped speaking due to the fear of judgement and persecution and the illision that free thought is encouraged in our nation.  There are too few voices of dissension for right leaning moderates, and too many voices for the left.  But more to the point, there are simply too many distractions.  The attention span of individuals is shrinking by the day.  This has a negative effect that precipitates many other unbecoming outcomes.


The lack of focus on anything not associated with instant gratification, has come to fruition. There is a fundamental breakdown in the American home, period!  Rebuilding a society that is failing miserably starts in the home.  Doing anything otherwise is like rebuilding a home and starting with the roof.

Endless distractions are always abound, if not knocking on the front door.  And what is absolutely frightening, is that in a short period of time historically, people have all but completely forgot how to interact with others.

To raise a red flag, there are many that could go a month without interacting face to face with a human being and not blink an eye.  And then lose a phone or tablet and have an anxiety attack.  The days of a firm handshake, eye contact and on-the-spot interaction are all but over.  It’s shameful, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.


A segment of a lecture by Glenn Loury of BU states:

“From the viewpoint of politics, truth has a despotic character,” declared Hannah Arendt, in her essay, “Truth and Politics.” “Unwelcome opinion can be argued with, rejected, or compromised upon,” she goes on, “but unwelcome facts possess an infuriating stubbornness that nothing can move except plain lies.”

This is what infuriates me about the left.  Many moderate conservatives want the reconstruction of the American home, the American education system, and a functional society in which those deserving are rewarded.  Nothing more, nothing less.  A set of minimum acceptable standards (Vagina costumes do not meet these standards) that we should all abide by in leaving this world a better place than we entered it.

The U.S. Government does not govern the home.  It is also not in place to correct issues that have been created or imagined, whichever is more applicable.  This is not an attempt to steal the victimhood the left so much covets.

All that is asked, is that this movement involves something more focused.  Something that will actually positively effect us all, instead of the selfish interests of a particular segment.  As things stand, the conclusion is that the soul is for sale to the devil in exchange for an advancement that has already not been clearly defined. And the thoughts of others frighten these people?

America decided on Trump, instead of the morally, ethically and fundamentally corrupt DC we know all too well.  Either way, no more status quo, sink or swim.  End of story, learn to swim.