Where is Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen’s Wife Noor Salman?

Faye Higbee

Where is Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen’s Wife Noor Salman?

Noor Zahi Salman, 30, wife of Omar Mateen, is missing. Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted she has no clue where the woman went. All of that now that we know she knew of Mateen’s plans and was with him when he bought ammo prior to the attack.

How do you lose track of such an important part of the investigation?

A Grand Jury is currently weighing whether to charge Salman for failing to report his plot. But it’s tough to charge her if they can’t find her:

The Business Insider reported,

Omar Mateen, 29, added his wife, 30-year-old Noor Salman, to his life-insurance policy and gave her access to his bank accounts, CNN reported on Friday, citing unidentified law-enforcement sources.

Now, Salman has left the area where the couple lived, according to the Sun Sentinel.

She’s “no longer here,” Omar Mateen’s father, Seddique, told reporters outside of his Fort Pierce, Florida, home on Wednesday.

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Noor Zahi Salman, 30 yr old wife of Omar Mateen. Where did she go?

Are Muslim organizations helping this woman disappear?

We can’t speak to whether Islamists in the US are actually hiding her. That is always a possibility.

What we can speak to is the report that surfaced on the internet last week which said the”Muslim community” had given Mateen’s family $87,000. The source was “Associated Media Coverage” – we have determined the story to be false.  The person they say was “interviewed” does not exist, and neither does the “Islamic Center” he purportedly belongs to. Following the links in their story lead nowhere.

Helping this terrorist’s family financially would raise the ire of not just ordinary citizens, but bring down the FBI and other law enforcement right into their midst. They don’t want that kind of attention.

The disappearing witness -does this pass the sniff test?

Noor Salman texted her husband during the attacks. What those texts reveal we do not know yet, but she claimed she was trying to talk him out of it. As news of the attack broke, she deleted all of her social media accounts, and did not grant interviews to the press. She was supposedly “cooperating” with the FBI up until her disappearance.

Fox News  reported that when they visited Disneyland together with their son in April, authorities are investigating whether he was casing the theme park as a possible venue for attack.

Do you think this passes the sniff test? The FBI doesn’t just “lose” witnesses,  especially ones as important as Noor Salman.