Oppression and the True Agenda Behind Kaepernick’s Action

There are some facts about Colin Kaepernick that you should know. 1) He recently converted to Islam, 2) His girlfriend,  DJ Nessa Diab, is a prominent activist in Black Lives Matter and is Muslim. She is also a fan of the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro.

Our writer James Tuttle has already given you the skinny from his and another veteran’s perspective. Now Tank and I want to talk about the underlying agenda propagated by these  so-called “Activists.”

Oppression- the real kind- from Tank

Mr. Kaepernick, you have no clue what Oppression feels like. I know exactly what it feels like. I can tell you as a communist survivor who almost saw his family sent to prison because of bringing a drawing of the birth of Christ and telling my 1st grade kids about Jesus.

I remember clearly watching my father being beaten by Castro henchmen right in front of my grandma’s house… all because we were coming to America.

I remember having only a glass of sugar with water because no one would hire my father or mother for fear they would receive the same discrimination.

I understand you embrace communist/socialist ideas, yet I do not see you giving away all of your millions of dollars to charity. And if you hate it here so much, why aren’t you fleeing to North Korea or Cuba?

You are a new Moslem convert who supports an ideology that has kept women oppressed for thousands of years, without even the right to vote or participate in any leadership role without permission of their father or husband.

You talk about ‘oppression’ from the white men, yet your own white parents have given you a college education  and life of  “white privilege.”

History shows that blacks sold blacks into slavery.  Today, the ‘human trade’ as they call it now is predominantly run by Moslem Arabs: the diamond slavery is a huge example.

It shows that no matter how many millions you have, you can still be a slave in your own plantation.

The Muslim and BlackLivesMatter False Narrative

Islam is about manipulation of society to conform to Sharia. And they can lie.

The greatest lie of all is that they are for “equality” and “justice” and against “oppression.”

Taqiyya is an Islamic juridical term whose shifting meaning relates to when a Muslim is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie.”

It simply means that Muslims can employ active deceit to further their agenda- and in the case of BlackLivesMatter, the American Military, Local American Law Enforcement, the FBI, and society at large, they have done exactly that.

Islam does not promote “democratic socialism,” it is a theocracy in which freedom of speech, any “rights” are not allowed. It does not bring freedom, it brings subjugation. It will not give minorities more benefits, it will take away everything.

Mr. Kaepernick, you have stuck your finger in the eyes of Americans because of a lie.  You are an ungrateful fool.