Oneida Casino Shooting

oneida casino

Oneida Casino, Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin – On Saturday evening, a gunman – a former employee – went to the Duck Creek Restaurant in the Oneida Casino complex and opened fire. The person he had originally targeted wasn’t there, so the man shot 3 others, two fatally. Then police shot him.

The suspect was identified as Bruce K. Pofahl, 62, a former food and beverage director at the Duck Creek Restaurant. He was fired earlier this year.

Bartel and Simpson were both fatally shot. Mulligan is in serious but stable condition in a Milwaukee hospital.

Approximately 75 officers responded to the shooting, while Casino security evacuated the complex. Pofahl was shot outside the casino. The others were shot at the restaurant.

“A contact team from the Green Bay Police Department was able to engage and neutralize the suspect outside of the complex on the north side of the building near the parking structure,” said Delain

Online court records show a harassment restraining order was filed against Pofahl in March…

…”We know that he was a former employee there. We know that he was familiar with at least some of the employees there. So that is part of what we’re doing now, is to try to determine that motive, to determine why he would do this. We know that this is not a random act or anything like that. We believe it was targeted, at least to some of those individuals.” Brown County Sheriff Delain

The suspect reportedly was not a “regular” with the police, and they had little contact with him. Often employees who are fired go off the rails. It’s fairly standard to file a restraining order on those who have volatile reactions to a firing.

The Oneida Casino shooting is a strong case in point why gun control measures are generally worthless. Nearly every casino and the adjacent motels in the United States are “gun free zones.” Most have one of those “firearms not permitted” signs on the doors. Even Security members often are not armed inside the casinos. That obviously helped a lot on Saturday in Wisconsin, right?

Pofahl must have stewed on his anger and at one point decided to take care of his problem by creating more problems: ‘shooting the b****** that fired him.’ When the person was not there, he lashed out at the man’s friends with a 9mm handgun. Evil intent cannot be stopped no matter how many gun laws are passed. If you take away the gun, they’ll use a knife – and if you believe that knives aren’t deadly, maybe you should read more foreign news. Mass stabbings are a common malady in places like China or the UK. Then there’s the EU, in which gun control is fairly rigid- and the Charlie Hebdo massacre still happened as well as other terror-related shootings in France, Belgium, Norway, etc. They got all those guns somewhere…

Criminals, as everyone knows but won’t admit, do not care about gun laws. In the Oneida Casino complex, the hundreds of people inside were sitting ducks. It’s fortunate that police were able to respond quickly.


Featured photo: Screenshot of the Oneida Casino complex near Green Bay, Wisconsin

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