Ohio Veterans Fight Against an HOA and Their “Community Standards”

By Faye Higbee

Franklin, Ohio – Wayne Marchant has lived in the Renaissance subdivision for nine years. He served our country as a USAF veteran for 4 years Active Duty and 4 Years in the Air Force Reserve. As a veteran, he received verbal permission from the previous HOA to put up a flag pole for the American flag and his USAF flag. On Friday, he received a letter from the OMNI Home Owner’s Association demanding that the flag pole be taken down or modified.

The letter stated:

“During a recent inspection, it was observed that a flag pole has been erected in your front lawn which does not comply with the community’s standards, which violates the Deed Restrictions and/or Rules, as such, the structure needs to be removed or modified to meet applicable standards; and to ensure compliance.”

USAF veteran Wayne Marchant

Hell will freeze over before the flags are taken down

Marchant posted on Facebook:

“I am about to go on a rant but please hear me out. I believe most of you will be as outraged as me. My wife Beth Ann Kreider Marchant and I live in community called Renaissance just outside of Middletown a short distance from Fenwick High School. Our community has a Homeowners Association that has rules that we must abide by. Most of them good some of them completely assinine. Today we received a notice from the HOA that our flagpole was in violation of HOA rules. We put that flagpole up nine years when we built the house. We received permission from the previous HOA to erect the pole. The only flags that have have flown on the pole are the American and Air Force which I served proudly for eight years. We have been instructed to remove the flagpole. Hell will freeze over before that happens. I have never asked anyone to share any of my posts before. However, if you think this is an outrage please share this. It is a sad state of affairs when a veteran cannot express his pride in America and his branch of service. Thank you.”

The HOA says their rules require that any flag displays be “affixed to the home.” Was that rule in place 9 years ago? Or is that a recent development? Did someone complain?

The HOA says they will talk about Marchant’s complaint soon and make a decision. But he is not the only person in the neighborhood with a flagpole.

Other neighbors have a flag pole as well (screenshot)

“I get incensed over it. It’s absolutely a strike against patriotic Americans. It’s not an offensive flag. It’s our country’s flag. What can be wrong with that? The homeowners association, in my opinion, is just totally out of line.” Ms Moore, neighbor with a flag pole (also got a letter).

“Flying it is what we do and it should be. For Every American citizen should be allowed to fly their flag. I can’t believe a flag, especially an American flag, would degrade the looks and the appearance of the property.”┬áVietnam Veteran, Bill McAdory who also has a flag pole (hadn’t receive letter yet).

This happens frequently all over the nation- veterans want to fly their flag and an HOA objects. They object to it affixed to the house, in the window, on a small pole near the front walk way, on a flag pole, attached to the balconies of apartments, you name it.

Marchant says if they rule against him and he has to take it down, as soon as his wife retires, he’ll be moving.


Featured photo: screenshot via wlwt, Cincinnati, Ohio