Offutt Air Force Base – Heavily Armed Marine Arrested at Gate

By Faye Higbee

Ali Al-Kazahg, 22, joined the United States Marine Corps in 2017, and was assigned Marine Base Hawaii, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, in August of 2018. While home in Nebraska on leave on May 31, he was arrested at the StratCom Security Gate of Offutt Air Force Base. He was in possession of two semi-automatic rifles, a pistol, a silencer, a bump stock, a vest with body armor and a case of ammunition.

Intent unknown

Pfc Ali Al-Kazahg is from Milford, Nebraska, and was a landing specialist with the Corps. His enlistment will be up in 2021. He is now in the custody of the Marine Base in Honolulu while NCIS investigates why he attempted to get into Offutt Air Force Base with weapons.

Prior to his enlistment in the Marines, the Lincoln Police Department had him on a watch list in 2016. At that time, he was listed as “dangerous, has an infatuation with guns and violent acts, and has a dislike for law enforcement.” So why did the USMC take him?

The Omaha World-Herald reported,

Al-Kazahg — who was home in Nebraska on leave — was stopped in a pickup truck May 31 at Offutt’s StratCom gate after security guards there saw his name on a law enforcement watchlist of people judged capable of doing harm. A “be on the lookout” bulletin had been circulated across Nebraska a week earlier by a coalition of federal, state and local agencies tasked with monitoring security threats.

The bulletin, issued May 24 by the Nebraska Information and Analysis Center and later obtained by The World-Herald, said Al-Kazahg told another Marine that he would “shoot up the battalion, starting at the barracks,” if he were disciplined for certain misconduct. According to the bulletin, he also mentioned specific Marines he wanted to target.

The bulletin quoted NCIS as reporting that Al-Kazahg had previously made “suspicious statements” and been reported for “suspicious activity.” It said he had previously “shown various people large amounts of cash” and an online order he had placed for body armor, magazines, weapons parts, holsters and medical supplies, all to be shipped to a Nebraska address.

Al-Kazahg was stopped because the security guard recognized the name from the bulletin when he reviewed the military ID. He said little to the Offutt Air Force Base guards or to the OSI agents who responded to the incident. He was turned over to NCIS about an hour after he was detained.

The World-Herald found no postings on his Facebook page that gave away any danger, and though his Twitter account exists, it has never been used. His Instagram account was set to private, but archived postings had no threats, just photos like the featured picture of him holding two guns.

Al-Kazahg participated in the Cobra Gold survival training in Thailand earlier this year in which they drank cobra blood and ate scorpions. He said that drinking the blood was “pretty fun.”

Ali Al-Kazahg at the Cobra Gold survival training – Screenshot

“This service member was out to hurt people. Thank a Security Defender next time you come through the gate.” Maj. Gen. Daniel Karbler, U.S. Strategic Command chief of staff

There is likely much more to this story, so we’ll keep an eye out, if officials ever say anything further.

Featured photo Instagram. Caption via Omaha World-Herald

Pfc. Ali Al-Kazahg holds two military M4 carbines last year at Camp Pendleton in California. The caption on his Instagram page says, “These feel pretty light.” In 2016, Lincoln police alleged that he had an “infatuation with guns and violent acts.”INSTAGRAM