October 9, 2021 – Reminders of the Dangers of Law Enforcement

labor day weekend shootings

On October 9, 2021, two law enforcement officers lost their lives, one was shot, all in unrelated, separate incidents. One was a Georgia officer killed on his first day on the job. A Louisiana officer, a veteran of 19 years on the force, was ambushed in his patrol car. A Maricopa County Deputy is on life support after a man shot him in the face and fled the scene in the officer’s patrol vehicle, only to be shot by a homeowner he knew during the manhunt. These incidents and others are reminders that law enforcement is a dangerous profession.

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They come at a time when we are losing good police officers almost on a daily basis for everything from retirement to refusing Covid mandates. All police officers know the risks, and yet they willingly run towards danger in order to stop a bad guy, save a life or both. October 9 was a dark day for law enforcement all across the country.

Alamo, Georgia, October 9

Officer Dylan Harrison, 26, had just begun his duty as an officer on the Alamo force. The officer was already a full time Oconee Drug Task Force officer. But Saturday morning, Harrison was shot dead outside the Alamo police station. The suspect, identified as Damien “Luke” Anthony Ferguson, 43, is the subject of a manhunt with a reward of $17,000 offered. Officer Harrison is survived by his wife and 6 month old child. Another child will grow up without a parent.

UPDATE from Fox: Damien Ferguson has been charged in connection with Officer Harrison’s death.

Officer Dylan Harrison, EOW 10-9-2021

Maricopa County, Arizona, October 9

A multi-agency manhunt ensued after the suspect, identified as Clinton Robert Hurley, 30, shot a 3 year veteran of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office. Hurley was recently released recently from jail for sex crime against a child. The deputy was found unconscious and bleeding after the suspect stole his patrol vehicle and then carjacked another car. Reportedly, the Deputy was processing the wanted suspect at a county substation when he was attacked. He is now on life support. The deputy’s name was not released. Later, a homeowner, whom Hurley knew, shot him. Hurley was transported in critical condition to the hospital.

Clinton Hurley

Ascension Parish, Louisiana October 9

A Louisiana state trooper’s body was not found for 12 hours after he was ambushed in his patrol vehicle sometime Saturday morning. Master Trooper Adam Gaubert was found deceased inside his vehicle in Prairieville, Louisiana on Saturday evening. The suspect, Matthew Mire, 31 had rampaged through Ascension and Livingston Parishes on a shooting spree, to include the death of Trooper Gaubert, prior to being arrested. Mire was wanted on charges of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, illegal use of weapons, home invasion and illegal possession of stolen items with a value up to $25,000. During the shooting spree, one other person, the suspect’s half sister was killed, and three others wounded. Gaubert was a 19 year veteran of Louisiana State Police and an Army veteran.

Master Trooper Adam Gaubert EOW 10-9-2021

As police across the nation grapple with staffing shortages from being defunded, and hatred from members of the public, the war against those who protect our communities rages on. Not all police are bad. But the vast majority of the men and women in law enforcement do it because they want to help others.

The fact is police officers around the country are trying to do the right thing for the right reasons. This country needs to unite and come together and support the police

Jay Johnson, Chief of Police, Greenfield, Wisconsin


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