Obsessed Biden Plans to Visit Kentucky And Set Up Covid Vaccine Booster Stations.

Faye Higbee

WTH is this? An obsessed Biden plans to visit the Kentucky disaster zone on Wednesday, but he also plans to bring an entourage to set up Covid Booster stations with him. The people who need clean drinking water, clothing, food, and a place to live don’t need a jab, they need help. They’ve lost everything and the only thing Biden thinks about is the accursed vaccine. On top of that, obsessed Biden may babble about his climate change agenda at the same time. If he does, it will not be well-received by those who have lost everything including their loved ones.

Other responses were:

“OMG. I just can’t. No food, water, homes, electricity. Loss of life. But get a booster. I can’t wait until this nightmare is over.” @twisterkat

I guess if a meteor was getting ready to hit Utah he’d put up booster shot buildings everywhere to protect them from the meteor, right?? The man must have determined masters.”@robkingzombie66

“Listened to the whole incoherent, bumbling clip. Started with booster shots and ended with COVID. Skimmed over the really important stuff as an afterthought.” @yanawaya

This screenshot sort of reminds us of a Putin Press conference only with different background

“I watched a video of a woman trying to find anything of value in her home’s wreckage after spending 3 hours searching for the bodies of her elderly parents. I’m sure the booster is her top priority.” @kateinva

“Looks like #LetsGoBrandon is coming toKentucky. No one wants him here. Who wants to give him a good Ol go Foook yourself welcome? I got $5 that says @GovAndyBeshear will be playing roto-rooter with his nose up Joe’s colon.” @not_supa_marsh

“Parents are still searching for babies in the rubble and Biden is talking about bringing “booster shot sites” to Kentucky! Because in his words “Life must go on.””@chloebellamia

“Priorities. No food? Get the vax. No shelter? Get the vax. No water? Get the vax. Awwww god lov ya… Get the vax… Heres a blanket.”@DrBobEsquire1

“Booster shots? That man is obsessed with all the wrong things! Pathetic?” @judyap22

“Just imagine losing your home, your belongings and possibly a loved one and this senile old man is still pushing the vaccine. He’ll be lucky if citizens in don’t stone him for making that a priority. Leftist agendas know no boundaries.”” @MAGAXMAN4USA

The obsessed Biden occupying but not properly functioning in the White House is a disaster all by himself. It will be interesting to see his welcome on Wednesday after he shows up in Mayfield, Kentucky with covid booster shots.


Screenshot via Fox news

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