Obama US Attorneys told to resign. One refused. “You’re Fired!”

us attorneys

Attorney General Sessions told 46 Obama-era US Attorneys to resign. Which was an important step to remove lasting political issues from the previous administration. One US attorney, Preet Bharara of the Southern District of New York, refused to resign. He was fired.

Well, that was fast.

The controversy comes as the Trump team had previously  asked him to stay on.

It is unclear of that statement that Trump asked him to stay on  is true or not. Bharara is the only US Attorney who did not step down after the AG’s announcement.

CNBC reported:

Just months ago, Bharara met with Donald J. Trump at Trump Tower, and announced that the then-president-elect had asked him to stay on as the high-profile United States attorney for the Southern District of Manhattan.

Several officials familiar with the matter told NBC News that Bharara was certain Trump wanted him to stay on.

Bharara had been prosecuting some corruption cases on Wall Street when the request to step aside came down. So did Sessions blow it, or did something happen to change Trump’s mind?

At this point it’s all unclear. However, the liberals are having a field day, calling Preet Bharara the new “hero of the resistance.” At least for this week. Which is over today.