Obama – The Arms Dealer in Chief

By Faye Higbee

An article in Defense One on election day showed that The Obama Administration had brokered more arms deals than any administration since World War II, with the vast majority of those deals going to countries in the Middle East…countries like Saudi Arabia, for example. He spent the last 8 years as an “arms dealer in chief.”

George W. Bush brokered $128 billion from 2001- 2008. Obama’s total is $278 billion.


Please note on this chart that 2012 was the year of Benghazi, and two years prior to the “breakout moment” of ISIS in 2014. Add that to the fear of Iran’s nuclear program and whalla! you have problems.

How much did this contribute to the wars we’re embroiled in throughout the Middle East?

Defense One reported,

“Many of the approved deals — most but hardly all of which have become actual sales — have been to Mideast nations, including key allies in the campaign against Islamic State militants and countries that have been building up their defenses in fear of a nuclear Iran.

Saudi Arabia has been the largest recipient, reaping prospective deals worth more than $115 billion, according to notices announcing the deals that were sent to Congress for approval.

“Nobody even comes close” for the number of deals and total value, said William Hartung, director of the Arms Security Project at the Center for International Policy.

Among the weapons approved for Riyadh: F-15 fighter jets, Apache attack helicopters, Blackhawk utility helicopters, missile interceptors, armored vehicles and bombs and missiles…

Not included in the 2016 totals are fighter jets deals with Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, which are expected to top $7 billion. The administration has approved those deals and is expected to publically release them later in the year, meaning they will count toward 2017 arms sales figures.”

So what does all that mean? Our so-called Commander-in-Chief has actually been the foremost “arms-dealer-in-chief.” His penchant for proxy wars has actually promoted more conflict. It started with “Fast and Furious” with Eric Holder and their gun-running scheme that went south (literally).


It has ended with countries that hate us clamoring for our weapons. Plus, ISIS has been “clandestinely funded” by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, a fact well known by Hillary Clinton and revealed by Wikileaks. (You can read about that here:)

Podesta Emails with Hillary: US backed Saudis, Qatar support ISIS

That and the deaths of 4 Americans at Benghazi over weapons being sold to jihadists that should NEVER have been given in the first place.

One can only hope that Trump will have the ability to change the way America does business in arms deals. Arming our enemies is not a smart method of business.