NY Indoor Dining Closed Again As of Monday, December 14.

ny indoor dining

NY Dictator Cuomo has already demonstrated his hatred of religious institutions by closing them, and causing the Supreme Court rap his knuckles over it. Then he closed schools when the “spread” in that venue is less likely, so again his knuckles got whacked by the CDC itself. Then came his edict against indoor dining in restaurants: All NY indoor dining is closed as of Monday, December 14. Only takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining will be permitted. In frigid New York. With one of those famous Nor’easters on the way.

“If we don’t slow the spread and we overwhelm the hospital system, then every restaurant goes to 0% indoor, outdoor, 0%. That’s the worst case scenario.”

Andrew Cuomo (ABC7)

Perhaps he should have thought about overwhelming the nursing homes when he forced Covid patients into them and it killed at minimum 6,722 elderly people, maybe thousands more (AP).

Great timing. Outdoor dining with this on the way:

Weather aside, many restaurants simply won’t make it with another NY indoor dining shut down. The NY dictator held a campaign fund raiser “birthday party” over a zoom call with some of his wealthy celebrity pals for $10,000 a head (Fox). Must be nice. Meanwhile, restaurants in NYC are struggling to survive as the country heads into winter.

One well known iconic restaurant has closed its doors: The 21 Club. The restaurant was formerly a NYC “speak easy” during Prohibition, and has catered to many sitting Presidents, Donald Trump included.

“Yes, 21 Club closing and firing it employees is very sad. But it is not bankrupt. It is owned by Belmond, which is owned by LVMH which is controlled by one of the world’s wealthiest men (Bernard Arnault). And so I won’t give up hope it will one day re-open.”

David Faber on Twitter

But the smaller restaurants are not so fortunate.

“While public health and safety must be paramount, Governor Cuomo’s announcement to once again shut down indoor dining in New York City is at odds with the State’s own data that’s been presented as driving these decisions, and it will be the last straw for countless more restaurants and jobs. And the restrictions begin on Monday with zero economic support for small businesses that are already struggling to survive...

Manhattan – home to the largest number of restaurants in the state – has a positivity rate of just 2.7%, which is less than half that of many counties throughout the state where indoor dining remains open, Albany (7.2%), Westchester (6.0%), Suffolk (6.1%). Restaurants as an industry are only responsible for a small 1.4% of virus cases as compared to 74% from living room spread. Yet, only New York City’s restaurants are being closed even when hospitalization rates upstate are double the city’s rate.

New York City’s restaurants have gone above and beyond in ensuring their businesses create a safe and healthy environment for their customers and employees that meet the state’s required safety protocols – at a significant cost – and it’s worked.

Closing indoor dining in New York City will severely jeopardize the survival of countless small businesses and jobs and now it’s more important than ever that all levels of government pass critical support to help save the industry. 

Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance

The actions taken by restaurants have been amazing for safety and santitation all across the nation. Blue state governors, however, seem oblivious to that fact, and continue the shutdown plans in spite of evidence that suggests there is a better way (WSJ). Destroying the economy of blue states seems to be the plan of Democrats.


Featured photo: screenshot via ABC7 video – NY indoor dining closes as of December 14.

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