NY Gun Control Fail

By Faye Higbee

A NY gun control fail was evident when the NYPD found a cache of several guns that are extremely hard to get in New York. And they were in the possession of a wanted criminal to boot. Three people were arrested in the raid. (CBSLocal)

NY Daily News reported,

When cops went knocking Saturday, the suspect’s mother answered, said he wasn’t home and slammed the door, police said.

Her son tried to leave via the fire escape, but police caught him behind the apartment building, police said.

Police had a search warrant for the apartment. Inside they found 12 handguns, 18 assault rifles, three shotguns, an imitation gun and an ammo stash that included a high-capacity feeder.

Police arrested Mario Rosales, 40, his mother, Juliet Morales, 73, and a woman inside the apartment, Shiborn Morales, 38. All three were charged with multiple counts of weapon possession.

Someone told police that Mario Rosales was “stockpiling” weapons in his home in Flatbush. The circumstances surrounding that are unknown. The NYPD domestic violence unit was in on the bust so it may be related to the red flag law that was signed in February, 2019.

NY Gun Control Fail

So…it begs the question: these are not ordinary firearms. How’d he get them? They are worth some serious money.

I’m not going to lie, that’s a pretty enviable collection. A Tavor, a couple of AR rifles and pistols, a Steyr AUG, an AK, a PS-90, an M-1A, and a couple of SCARs. Not too shabby.

And all pretty damn difficult to get in New York City.

Yet here was this guy, a wanted criminal apparently, and he was able to accumulate all of these weapons? If gun control works so well, then just how in the hell was he able to get all of these?

Oh, invariably, someone will come up and argue that these were all transported in from outside of the city. That’s the common claim in a situation like this, after all.

Tom Knighton

The NY gun control fail should be apparent even to gun-grabbers. Regardless of the reason for the collection, whether red flag or just plain possession of illegal weapons, it’s still a NY gun control fail.


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