Nuclear Fears Cause Belgium to Give Iodine Pills to All Its Citizens

By Faye Higbee

Nuclear Fears Cause Belgium to Give Iodine Pills to All Its Citizens

Belgium is planning to issue iodine pills to its entire population of 11 million. Originally they had planned only to give them to residents near their Tihange and Doel nuclear plants. The move should be finalized in June, and the pills handed out in 2017.

Health Minister Maggie De Block stated that this move was a result of the Fukushima Nuclear disaster in 2011.

nuclear fears

Belgian nuclear plants at Doel- photo via

It also happened that a secret film was found on Nov 30 in the possession of a terror cell. It showed that a nuclear scientist had been spied on. The  film was taken by the two brothers from the  Brussels attacks, Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui.

A nuclear worker at one of the plants was found dead and his pass stolen in March, 2016, although officials said there was no militant involvement.

Then they expand their iodine program to give all Belgians iodine pills. Things that make you go hmmm.

“We know they don’t really have a grip on the terrorist situation in Belgium and we know that terrorists have had links to the nuclear power plants there.” Molly Scott Cato, MEP for the Green Party in Southwest England


What do iodine pills do?

According to the BBC’s James Gallagher

Iodine tablets help to reduce the damage radiation does to the body after a nuclear accident… Radioactive iodine gathers in the thyroid gland and there it releases its energy and damages the tissue.

…Taking the tablets fills the thyroid with stable iodine so there’s no room for the radioactive material.

Of course they offer no protection against other radioactive elements such as caesium-137.

Is a disaster looming?

It appears that nuclear disasters are on the minds of Belgium’s leaders. Whether from an earthquake, a major catastrophe, or a jihadist’s dirty bomb, they are taking steps.

A few states in the US give iodine pills to the citizens in areas near nuclear power plants. Germany stockpiles the pills in case of disaster.  France and Sweden pre-distribute them to certain areas.