NRA Victory -Judge Rules NY Cannot Dissolve the NRA

Faye Higbee
nra victory

Since 2018, NY Attorney General Letitia James has pursued her plan to dissolve the NRA. On Wednesday, NY Supreme Court Judge Joel Cohen ruled that dissolving the NRA was improper and could affect the freedom of speech, since its millions of members have stuck around in spite of the controversies. It was an NRA victory.

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The Complaint does not allege that any financial misconduct benefited the NRA, or that the NRA exists primarily to carry out such activity, or that the NRA is incapable of continuing its legitimate activities…The NRA is a prominent advocacy organization that represents the interests of millions of members who have stuck with it despite the well-publicized allegations in this and other cases. The State-sponsored dissolution of such an entity is not something to be taken lightly or without a compelling need. In short, the Complaint does not allege the type of public harm that is the legal linchpin for imposing the ‘corporate death penalty.’

Judge Joel Cohen

The court was also concerned over the effect on free speech when millions of members did not quit the organization even after scandals broke out. The NRA victory showed that people have the right of free association with others of like mind.

The anti-gun crowd was highly unhappy about the NRA victory, but it may have been Letitia James herself that sank this boat. She told supporters in 2018 that she was going to target the NRA and even called them a “terrorist” organization. She promised in her campaign that she was going to “investigate” the legitimacy of the organization as a charitable institution. She also claimed to put pressure on banks to refuse to fund any of their activities.

“The NRA is an organ of deadly propaganda masquerading as a charity for public good.”

Letitia James, July 2018

The NY Attorney General’s office is looking into options, so don’t expect that these attacks are over. But for now, the NRA has been given a victory in court.

Today’s developments underscore the simple truth that since taking office in 2019, the Attorney General has pushed a contrived narrative about the NRA in her attempt to support a dissolution claim that is improper. This is a victory for not only the NRA, but all who believe in the right to free speech and association.

William A. Brewer III, partner at Brewer, Attorneys & Counselors and counsel to the NRA (Daily Caller)


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