NPVIC – Electoral College is in Jeopardy: But is It Legal to Bypass It?

By Faye Higbee

NPVIC has put the Electoral college in jeopardy thanks to Democrats that are on a roll to destroy it. Nevada is the latest state to attempt an end run around the Constitution by passing legislation that seeks to give ALL electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote. Which guarantees that rural areas and smaller states will have no say whatsoever in the presidential election. Democrats don’t care. They just want their way and the rest of us can go to h***. But are their efforts even legal?

The National Popular Vote Compact, (NPVIC), which seeks to bypass the Electoral College, as of this writing has 189 electoral votes, not counting Nevada. The number of electoral votes needed for a presidential win is 270. Proponents say they will try to get it done by 2020, but reality says maybe not until 2024. It can only take effect if they manage to get laws totalling 270 electoral votes, which seems unlikely, but in today’s ‘hate Trump’ environment anything could happen.

If they do manage to do it, and no one sues them for destroying the Constitution, you can kiss the United States goodbye. It is hoped that other states will stop their momentum. The SCOTUS has ruled that states are “plenary” – in other words, have the right to decide how their electoral votes are counted.

Rob Natelson, a Constitutional legal expert noted in an article “Why the NPV is unconstitutional”:

In assessing the constitutionality of NPV, you have to consider some of its central features. First, NPV abandons the idea that presidential electors represent the people of their own states. Second, it discards an election system balanced among interests and values in favor of one recognizing only national popularity. That popularity need not be high: A state joining the NPV compact agrees to assign its electors to even the winner of a tiny plurality in a multi-candidate election.

Third, because NPV states would have a majority of votes in the Electoral College, NPV would effectively repeal the Constitution’s provision for run-off elections in the House of Representatives.

Fourth, NPV requires each state’s election officer to apply the vote tabulations certified by other state election officers—even if those tabulations are known to be fraudulent or erroneous.  Indeed, NPV would give state politicians powerful incentives to inflate, by fair means or foul, their vote totals relative to other states.

California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington State have all signed the NPVIC compact into law. Nevada sent theirs to the governor for signature, which will bring their total to 195 electoral votes. Oregon has legislation pending, and would likely be signed into law.

The color blue represents states that have a population LESS than Los Angeles County. Why they would sign on the the NPVIC to delete their own voices is incomprehensible!

The Founders knew that in order to allow smaller states a say in the national vote, they had to come up with a system that equalized voting between big cities and rural areas. Otherwise, the US would end up like Illinois today- with rural Illinois wanting to separate themselves from Chicago because Chicago runs the entire state, according to Fox. And they HATE it. They want Chicago gone because of this very issue: the big city makes all the laws and the rural areas are left in the dust.

Twenty three states, not counting Nevada, have passed the compact. Their momentum is high because liberals hate Donald Trump. Stop this agenda by calling your state reps. Time is of the essence!