How did North Korea’s Kim get His Hands on the Money for His Arms Program?

By Faye Higbee

An interesting piece of information surfaced in this week’s Debka file brief that not a lot of people have noticed. We reported before about the Democrat Presidents who let North Korea slide on their weapons program, but what if Obama’s payment to Iran has been feeding Kim’s penchant to destroy the US?

Do sanctions work? Not if the sanctioned nation is getting money from the outside

Debka reported,

In a White Paper published last week, the Japanese Defense Ministry reported evidence that North Korea had achieved miniaturization of nuclear weapons, meaning that it could build a nuclear warhead small enough to fit onto an intercontinental ballistic missile. Hardly anyone noticed that on Monday, Aug. 7 North Korea and Iran signed new military accords, which are no less dangerous to world peace. They covered the continuing transfer of nuclear and missile technology from Pyongyang to Tehran, and signed by Parliament Speaker Kim Yong Nam, who is rated No. 2 in the Kim regime, after 10 days in Tehran with a large military delegation…

The irony is that while the Security Council approved tough economic sanctions for North Korea, Kim Jong-un managed to lay his hands on enough cash from Tehran to keep his nuclear and missile programs moving apace. Some of that cash comes from the sanction relief the Americans and Europeans granted Iran for signing its 2015 nuclear deal.

So while the US media is focused almost entirely on Trump tweets and rhetoric, North Korea is conducting business as usual – with Iran. This should tell us all exactly how North Korea has been able to accelerate their nuclear program. They had help. They received money from outside. And Iran has the money to give them because Obama gave it to ┬áthem.

When analysts said it would take years for the DPRK to pull off a nuclear weapon, they had to know that Iran’s agreement with North Korea would be in the middle of it. Iran has literally executed a ┬ámultibillion dollar investment in partnership with North Korea, according to the Debka article. It allows Iranian engineers and scientists to work alongside North Korean experts and vice versa…hence, they’ve made more progress that anyone thought.

That partnership is perfect: both nations hate the United States with a passion, with each one feeding the hatred of the other. Now perhaps we can understand why Kim Jong-Un is adamant about not stopping his nuclear ambitions.