North Korea Announces Freeze on Nuclear Missile Tests

According to Yonhap News in South Korea, Kim Jong-Un announced today (Saturday there) that his regime is suspending all nuclear missile long range and short range tests, and will shut down one of the nuclear facilities. This comes after word was released that Mike Pompeo had visited with him in a secret meeting over the Easter weekend. He also was in talks with South Korea over possible unification, and a formal end to the Korean war.

“under the proven condition of complete nuclear weapons, we no longer need any nuclear tests, mid-range and intercontinental ballistic rocket tests, and that the nuclear test site in northern area has also completed its mission.” KCNA quoting Kim

There are a lot of circumstances and pressure that have led up to this. China has been reportedly using pressure. Mike Pompeo, the CIA Director and Secretary of State-in-waiting (thanks to jackwagon Democrats who won’t let his nomination move forward because he’s a Christian and they don’t like him), met with the leader of North Korea. North Korea approached South Korea to ask for an end to the DMZ and all that it represents. Maybe even the airstrikes on Syria helped this along.

Is Kim terrified of Trump? Did Pompeo continue the tactics of our Commander in Chief by instilling a nice level of humble pie in the North Korean dictator? Did his nuclear testing so often destabilize that mountain so badly that it would cause a major seismic event if he tested even one more time? Is he thinking about getting an airstrike on his fancy hide-away? Is his change of heart sincere or does he have some sort of nefarious plan up his sleeves? Only time will tell.