Normalizing Pedophilia and Sexual Assault- An Immoral Distraction

By Faye Higbee

Have you ever wondered why the onslaught of the reports of sexual assault? Pedophilia has become an epidemic in America. Reports of sexual harassment, sexual assault, it’s all on the upswing. Why? Because they are trying to normalize it. If you hit people with immoral behavior long enough, it becomes normal and therefore just fine. Pedophiles have written volumes on how it’s “just a disorder” and they’re perfectly “normal” – just people who are “attracted to minors.”

Pedophilia and allegations of sexual assault are not a new thing. Even the Clintons were caught up in allegations of possible pedophilia during the 2016 campaign. But make no mistake, there is an agenda to all this.

Rick (Tank) wrote:

One of the biggest scandals this year is the exposure and scandal of the Hollywood Pedophile Ring with Harvey Weinstein and other powerful king pins of Hollywood leading the criminal syndicate.

Not long after the story came to the surface, many of Hollywood’s liberal cronies (who not too long ago wore pussy hats and vaginas for ‘Women  against Trump,” and did not hold back on attacking Trump for his locker room comment), are now coming forward to reveal accusations of rape and molestation against minors and adults in order to get favors to become actors.

This scandal is so incredibly important for Americans with a sense of morality to step up our power and close Hollywood for good. The Hollywood Mafia, as I like to call them, have been reprogramming our society for quite sometime. In California and in New York where they have the strongest grip you can actually see how much depravity has destroyed the moral conduct of a state to the point it’s almost unrecognizable.

Children are educated about the .00001 % of transgender population with fantasy books. Children being adopted by gay couples and taken to San Francisco gay parades in public physical displays with children who are not old enough to understand the birds and the bees.

So, why is this happening? Why now so many sexual harassment cases against mostly Hollywood High Society? Let’s go back a step or two, this is nothing new, this has been happening in small increments and it’s our own damn fault. The silent majority.

We  failed to speak against such depravity, and now the next generations will suffer having to watch remakes of our favorite children’s stories with a twist to support queer and transgenderism and whatever other 72 genders they can come up with.

Folks, I will tell you why all of the sudden every story in the news is about someone coming forward and claiming to be sexually harassed, touched, or assaulted. Some of these stories are actually true, but not all. Since none of us can tell which ones are or aren’t, the media along with Hollywood propaganda pushers are making pedophilia, rape, and sexual harassment normalized.

All of the sick kingpins like Harvey Weinstein and his ilk will eventually go back to what they were doing, since people will come to terms that it is ‘normal’ for men to be this way. Media and Hollywood are great at making immoral acts the normality and change the perception in our society to believe these acts are ok and we should just live with them.

The people committing these crimes are ‘just disabled’ and we should entertain the idea to help them get through their disability. Have you ever noticed the stories we all should be focused on get very little or no amount of media at all but stories such as these get sensationalized?

This phenomenon usually happens when there is a big story in the news they do not want us to know more about, such as URANIUM ONE. It wasn’t Trump working with the Russians , it was Hillary. It’s Not Trump who is sexually harassing women, is the liberal Hollywood mafia.  It wasn’t Trump who rigged the Elections, it was the DNC on orders of Hillary.

It’s a distraction, an agenda for which Americans will ultimately pay for generations to come.