NJ Gun Seizure Under Red Flag Laws – Justified Or Not?

As we have previously stated, Red Flag Laws are dangerous to liberty. A New Jersey man, Alfred Conti, who was angry with his doctor over a botched surgery, made a statement that ‘sounded’ like a threat to the surgeon’s attorney. The NJ gun seizure will test the new law. They want him to never have access to guns again. A hearing was held Thursday on whether he will be denied firearms permanently, but the judge didn’t make a decision. Another hearing on that point is set for December 12.

NJ gun seizure

Alfred Conti, 50, had surgery on his neck. But after the surgery, the pain was still there, so he repeatedly called the office and the doctor’s attorney. The doctor and his attorney felt threatened from the phone calls, and the posts on Conti’s Facebook page. Police seized Conti’s three pistols, one rifle and one revolver, as well as ammunition, back in September.

Asbury Park Press reported,

James Maggs, a Wall-based attorney for Dr. Matthew Kaufman and The Plastic Surgery Center in Shrewsbury, told state Superior Court Judge Paul X. Escandon Thursday that he received an increasingly agitated phone call from Alfred Conti, telling him he knew where they lived.

“It started out the first few seconds a normal call then quickly he became agitated,” Maggs said. “His overall demeanor I felt became threatening and I became alarmed.”

Conti, 56, of Middletown, has said Kaufman performed surgery on his neck, but he remained in pain. Eventually, he was dismissed from the practice because, Maggs said, he became aggressive with the staff.

Conti went online to write negative reviews about the doctor. Kaufman and the Plastic Surgery Center sued him for defamation in July.

During the hearing on Thursday, Maggs was asked if he heard a direct threat from Conti, and he admitted that was not the case.  But when Conti mentioned that he “knew where he lives,” the attorney became alarmed. He also noted that Conti posted references to firearms on his Facebook page. But no direct threat.

New Jersey’s Red Flag Law doesn’t automatically expire. That means that if the judge so rules, Conti could be barred permanently from owning a firearm. He’s never been in trouble with the law before, and is not charged with any crime now, which is why we talk about the lack of due process. Red Flag laws everywhere are based on what someone “thinks” the person will do. They are extremely subjective.

In this case, Mr. Conti made a mistake by losing his temper and basically harassing the doctor and his attorney. When he slipped up and mentioned he “knew where they live,” the attorney and doctor viewed it as a threat. Severe pain can cause many things, but none of that is taken into consideration in this kind of case.

Police even stated that they had no problems with Mr. Conti when they confiscated his guns. But his comment may affect his rights for the rest of his life.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Wayne Dupree website. This is a file photo, not the location where the seizure occurred.


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