Nina Jankowicz: the Singing Buffoon Tapped to Stop Free Speech

Faye Higbee
ministry of truth

Will we ever wake up from this political nightmare that is the Biden administration? After we were all informed they were creating a “Disinformation Governance Board” (aka Ministry of Truth from the 1984 book), they then informed us of the “Mary Poppins” they’d appointed as a its head: Nina Jankowicz. She has bragged about getting a Master’s Degree from Georgetown University (sounds like it must have printed at the same cornflakes cereal factory as AOC’s Economics degree.)

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Tucker Carlson from Fox called her a “law enforcement official.” She is designated to “police” the internet for disinformation supposedly aimed at “vulnerable” groups.

Heres head of misinformation board, biased individual. Board is free speech police like Hitler used. None of this is legal.Actions she might take never hold Up in court.misinformation comes from politicians an media.FACT. zjankowicz doesn’t have all lights on in her attic.

@kevindandy1 on Twitter

Actually, Kevin, her attic is so full of bats that no one can’t tell if there are any lights on. She’s not a “expert on disinformation” as Jen Psaki claimed. She’s a nutball who THINKS she’s an expert, but is actually a biased left winger who wouldn’t know “disinformation” from a bowl of Russian borscht. (Example: her lie that the Hunter Laptop was a product of the Trump campaign and disinformation… it wasn’t.)

There there was the song that she edited the words to say “who do I f*** to be famous and powerful?”

“I want to be rich, famous, and powerful! Step on all my enemies and never do a thing… Who do I fuck to be famous and powerful? I’ve done everything I can and now the rest is up to you.”

Nina Jankowicz (adapted by Jankowicz from “My simple Christmas wish” by David Friedman)

Jankovicz gave up her erotica singing in favor of becoming an online hall monitor, and a nasty one at that. It must be tremendously gratifying to know that her singing of that little ditty puts her in the company of a social climbing “expert” like cackling Kamala.

Her singing isn’t the only controversial problem – she wants to invest in journalism as a “public good.” Which is a propaganda statement worthy of Josef Goebbels.

Or this where she admits being funded by Facebook:

Or this where she endorses violence after rigged elections:

Nina Jankowicz appears to be extremly mean.

Just what we needed. Nina Jankowicz is a nasty woman in charge of a 1984-esq government office. And they thought Trump’s tweets were “mean.”


Featured screenshot via tiktok video

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