Nikolas Cruz – Florida Mass Killer

Faye Higbee
nikolas cruz

Parkland, Florida – Wednesday’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was perpetrated by a 19 year old former student named Nikolas Cruz. Cruz killed 17 students, and wounded 15 others. The victims were both students and adults. He had given plenty of warning in disturbing social media posts. The suspect was previously expelled from the school for “disciplinary reasons.”

Police arriving at the school were met with waves of students running away. Cruz blended in with them in their flight as police focused on finding the victims and get them help. By reviewing security footage, they were able to identify him.

At least some teachers knew he was a threat to students, after making threats over a girlfriend’s new boyfriend, according to The Miami Herald. He was expelled from schoo, and not to be on campus if he had a backpack. (Who would enforce that?)

His social media posts revealed a young man fixated on guns, according to a post by Conservative Firing Line.  Fox News  reported that he was a “loner” and a “weird kid.” He was a former participant in Army JROTC, and had “lots of guns,” which is something that left wingers are hopping on as a talking point. It appears from some of his posts that he was making fun of Muslims and terrorism and wanted to kill them.

“Durka durka Mohamed jihad .. how do I work this oh oh I mess up cooo booom!!…durka durka … bam boom explosions.” Cruz

Screenshot of Cruz post via

Left wing media have also jumped on his MAGA hat, which they seem to think means the whole thing is Trump’s fault.

Ben Bennight, a bondsman who does You Tube videos for his business, found a comment from a person named Nikolas Cruz on his You Tube channel back in September that claimed to want to be a professional school shooter. Ben immediately took a screenshot back then, notified You Tube and contacted the FBI. After the shooting on Wednesday, the FBI spoke with Ben again, although the only information he had was previously given to the Bureau. Did they ignore this danger?

Broward County Sheriff stated that the correct spelling of the suspect’s name is Nikolas Cruz. The media has referred to him as Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, Nicolas Cruz and Nick Cruz.  He was a troubled teen, regardless of the spelling of his name. One Twitter user  on Wednesday named him before he was arrested, as we previously reported.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson stated that Cruz set off the fire alarm to get students into the hallways, although one of the students told media that it was 4th period and they heard gunshots and huddled up inside the classroom.

Cruz planned this shooting, and it appears he planned it for months in advance. Senator Nelson said that he had other magazines, a gas mask, and smoke grenades.

Cruz had undergone some form of mental health therapy, but stopped about a year ago, according to

So how do you stop these heinous acts?  Liberals say kill the NRA and Republicans.  Liberals say get rid of guns. But not one of them said anything about solving the root of the problem- a teenager with mental issues who had talked about becoming a school shooter as far back as September. Ignoring THAT fact turned out to be a tragedy of major proportions.

Featured photo: Nikolas Cruz mugshot/social media post