Newsom Wants To Use Texas Abortion Law Against Gun Manufacturers and More…

Faye Higbee
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Commie Governor Gavin Newsom wants to use the Texas “Heartbeat”abortion law as a template to destroy the gun industry in California. He was incensed that the Supreme Court allowed the Texas law to stand while it was navigating through the lower courts. Then he defiantly stated that he would make sure California became an “abortion sanctuary.” The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms IS in the Constitution. Murder of unborn babies is not. Newsom doesn’t care about any of that.

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The Texas Heartbeat Law allows citizens to report violations, and imposes fines for those violations. Newsom wants to create a law that allows citizens to “seek damages of at least $10,000, plus legal fees, against gun manufacturers and retailers.” Never mind the PLCAA.

The left is so lawless that they have done everything in their power to kill the PLCAA – Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. They’ve passed every law they can think of, some of which have not stood up to court tests, others with rulings by leftwing judges that have. Now Newsom wants the pattern of suing abortion providers to be used against gun manufacturers and retailers.

Newsom’s office … billed the gun announcement on Saturday as a direct response to a Supreme Court decision on Friday that allowed the Texas abortion measure — which also awards citizens $10,000 if they successfully sue — to stand in most places.

“SCOTUS is letting private citizens in Texas sue to stop abortion?!,” Newsom tweeted on Saturday. “If that’s the precedent then we’ll let Californians sue those who put ghost guns and assault weapons on our streets.”

“He is proposing to use a mechanism that many — that he and many others — have vilified. But I think it’s quite smart, right? I think it’s a big ‘F— you’ to the Supreme Court,” Jessica Levinson, identified as a Supreme Court expert who teaches constitutional law at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, told the Chronicle.

San Francisco Chronicle

The Supreme Court ruling on the Texas law is transitory, not permanent, but what Newsom wants he generally gets just because he’s a dictator. Their ruling allowed a lawsuit against the law to go forward, and simply kept the law in place as it moves through the courts. His total tantrum was not just unnecessary, it was ridiculous. But then, he’s a ridiculous Governor in the first place, as are his leftist cohorts.

In other words, the Governor of California thinks more gun control may force the justices to reconsider their opinion of a Texas law.


Newsom’s petulance knows no bounds. It’s as though decades of strong hair tonics and powerful pomades have addled his wits…

Clearly, the haircut-who-would-be-king is struggling for attention and relevancy. The one-time presidential contender is now the butt of too many jokes, most of which are uncomfortable and true. California is not the workers’ paradise it purports to be. Businesses and residents are voting with their feet and leaving in droves….

Mad King Newsom of the Golden State cannot reign forever. All it will take is a group of souls who have grown tired of the type of tyranny exemplified in this case, where one man can impose harsh new rules on law-abiding gun owners just to garner a few headlines and make a political point.  

Lee Williams


Featured screenshot of Gavin Newsom via East Bay Express

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