Newest Counter-Terrorism Unit Takes Out ISIS Fighters

By Faye Higbee

A counter-terrorism unit in Iraq has just started an effective measure against ISIS fighters that holds great promise. They’re not exactly “new.” More like ancient. OK, they’re pigs. Wild Boar counter terrorism units. And they don’t like ISIS fighters hunting them down.

According to Iraqi News, Alsumaria News, and Daily Mail, (to mention a few) a contingent of wild boars reportedly mauled 3 ISIS fighters to death on Sunday.

Iraqi news reported,

The animals went on a rampage near a farmland in al-Rashad region, an Islamic State pocket 53 kilometers south of Kirkuk. They attacked the militants and left three killed, according to the source.

Alsumaria News quoted the source saying that “Daesh (Islamic State) militants took revenge at the pigs that attacked the farmland,” but did not clarify the method.

Wild boars (Yes they are pigs. Pork. The very thing that ISIS hates) have been around in the Middle East for Centuries.

A wild boar decorates the side of a 7th century Iranian bowl. They viewed the Wild Boar as a dangerous adversary. Yes, that about sums it up.

ISIS took control of Kirkuk in 2014. According to the Daily Mail, thousands of civilians fled to refugee camps when they seized control of the area. With the Iraqi government focused on retaking Mosul, ISIS has been vicious with the people of the Kirkuk region.

The Iraqi news article states that ISIS routinely murders civilians over “accusations of collaboration with security forces”  or escape attempts.

Enter pissed off pigs. Or bad-ass boars. They sacrificed their lives to kill 3 ISIS fighters. They should be honored with a medal. The Porcine Medal of Valor (PMV), posthumously awarded of course.

And naturally the ISIS fighters who died will not get their virgins, having been killed by pork still on the hoof.

Karma. Sometimes she’s just plain wonderful.

Is this a “fake news” story? It appears to be legit from everyplace we’ve been able to check.