New York Passed More Gun Control Bills

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Back in April, we wrote about a bill that would allow people to sue the gun industry. New York passed it. It wasn’t the only gun control bill they passed: in a state already rife with gun control measures, the Democrats also passed a measure against unserialized homemade weapons or “ghost guns.” In effect, they now have circumvented the PLCAA and created a gun registry.

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Gun registry

Another bill would bar the possession of so-called “ghost guns” in New York that are assembled using unserialized parts that are more difficult for law enforcement to trace. Gunsmiths would be required to serialize and register with the State Police any unserialized firearm, rifle, shotgun, finished frame or receiver, as well as unfinished frames and receivers in their possession. 

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Anti-gunners believe that attacking the guns of law-abiding citizens is the vehicle for saving their cities from the “scourge of gun violence.” It isn’t and never will be. Guns used by criminals are by and large stolen or purchased on the street…not at your local gunsmith or gun store.

New York has some of the strongest gun control laws in the country, and the proliferation of ghost guns — unserialized and untraceable firearms — threatens to undermine our laws and make New Yorkers and their families less safe.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal

The only people “undermining” New York laws are the criminals who could care less about them, not the ordinary citizen.


New York passed the measure we previously reported that allows lawsuits against gun manufacturers based on their “nuisance ” statute. The PLCAA was intended to weed out such junk lawsuits, but New York has found a loophole. The New York legislation is intended to destroy the firearms industry.

Let’s say a gun was legally sold in the state of Virginia in 2011, but was stolen in a burglary a few years later and ended up at a crime scene in New York this year. Under Myrie’s bill the manufacturer, and even the Virginia gun shop could be subject to litigation in the state of New York, even if they followed federal and state law when it came to the manufacture and sale of the firearm.

Imagine if Democrats in New York tried to apply this same legal strategy to other industries. A 16-year old steals a case of beer from his neighbor’s garage, gets drunk, then “borrows” dad’s car and ends up getting into an accident that injures another. Who in their right mind would think that it’s the fault of Anheuser Busch or the Ford motor company?

…the legislation is designed to hurt the gun industry, whether they successfully defend themselves in these cases or not. Death by a thousand cuts or death by one huge verdict; either way, the firearms industry could be killed off by Myrie’s bill, and that’s exactly what the gun control lobby is hoping for.

Larry Keane and Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms May 18, 2021

New York also thinks that this law will stop the flow of guns into their state from places like Virginia. New York passed both of the bills and they are headed to Cuomo’s desk. Cuomo has been an anti-gunner from the get-go and the state is the poster child for stringent gun laws that keep no one safe. They defund the police, let criminals back out on the street with no bail, and keep ordinary people from defending themselves in spite of the huge increase in violent crime. Expect an even greater exodus from New York.


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