New rules limit who can own guns – 2nd Amendment in Trouble…again

By Faye Higbee

The 2nd Amendment under fire again

Did you know that Obama is planning on a new gun rule that says if you’ve ever been convicted of a misdemeanor Domestic Violence case – you can’t have a firearm? Never mind that the actual law talks about felonies, the new rules will extend it to a misdemeanor.

At least 12 new rules are set to once again threaten the 2nd amendment – Reuters photo

At least 12 new gun regulations are set to be unleashed on America, all of which are designed to circumvent  Congress and the American people’s right to bear arms. The DOJ under Obama is bound and determined to destroy the Bill of Rights.

Here are some examples of the new regulations, according to Breitbart:

RIN: 1140 AA47–broadens the number of people barred from gun possession by expanding the ATF’s mental health provisions on background checks.

RIN: 1140 AA41–impacts FFLs by creating new reporting requirements for lost or stolen guns as well as new reporting requirements for lost or stolen guns that have been recovered.

RIN: 1140 AA04–will expand persons barred from gun ownership and possession by including “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence” as grounds for forfeiting the right to “ship, transport, possess, or receive in or affecting commerce firearms or ammunition.”

RIN: 1140-AA43–impacts trusts that hold firearms regulated under the National Firearms Act. The rule requires trusts, corporations or legal entities possessing the guns to produce a “responsible person” who can undergo a background for guns in probate, before they are passed to a descendant. This person would “complete a specified form” and “submit photographs and fingerprints” simply to hold the guns while the estate is settled.


Remember the veteran who called for help to the VA and was thrown in jail? If the government will do something like that to a man with PTSD, then  how do you think they will handle ordinary gun owners who have mental health issues under an expanded rule?

Will this rule become a trap for those who are harmless? There is no doubt about it. Last year a New York Detective went through a divorce and was having trouble sleeping- they came and took his guns. If these rules are expanded even more, there will be many who refuse to seek any kind of help at all from a mental health professional.

And what about the recent Supreme Court ruling that said relatives CAN receive guns from relatives who have died. What this rule does is re-define who is a “responsible person.”

If you’ve ever been convicted of a  misdemeanor domestic violence act you will not be able to own a firearm under these new rules- never mind that it flies in the face of Federal and State law. Obama will do what he wants.

What will you do about it, America?