New Los Angeles County DA Ends Cash Bail, Drops Gang Enhancements, Re-investigates Police Shootings

By Faye Higbee

The New Los Angeles County DA has plans to stop “get tough on crime,” which he says hasn’t worked. In typical leftist Democrat fashion, his plan includes numerous ideas that have driven other major cities into spikes in crime.

“Like myself, many senior law enforcement officials cut their teeth in the business in the 1980s and 90s. But where some of us differ is that I am convinced that we must abandon what we knew then for what we now know — Los Angeles is a poster child for the failed ‘tough-on-crime’ approach.”

Gascón at Daily News

George Gascón, the newly sworn-in Los Angeles County DA, ended cash bail for misdemeanors the first day. He plans to end the practice for felonies by the start of the new year, with the exception of the most violent offenders.

He plans to “re-evaluate” anyone who had a “gang enhancement” added to their sentence, or who was sentenced under California’s three-strikes law. He believes that could affect up to 20,000 inmates.

He plans to re-visit and investigate all police-involved shootings all the way back to 2012 with an eye toward charging the officers who may have been exonerated at the time. So far there are 4 cases he wants to change.

Gascón’s election in November was part of a wave of victories for progressives campaigning for big city prosecutor jobs over the last few years. Many of those candidates owed their wins to activist groups like Black Lives Matter and civil rights advocates who’ve led large-scale protests following police killings. Black Lives Matter in L.A. was one of the first groups Gascón met with after his election.

Many of the reforms announced Monday have for years been on the wish lists of civil rights advocates in L.A. County, who say the criminal justice system here disproportionately targets Black and Latino residents, and houses tens of thousands of them in overcrowded and outdated jails

…During the campaign, his team reviewed dozens of shooting cases that Lacey declined to prosecute. Gascón said he’ll reopen investigations into at least four. To help in the reviews, Gascón said he’s enlisting a panel of policing experts, civil rights attorneys and community members. They’ll also be assisted by UCI’s Civil Rights and Criminal Justice Clinic.

Gascón announced the panel in a letter to law enforcement officials across the region he sent before his swearing in ceremony. Some of those reviews will include shootings from as far back as 2012.

Police unions around the region were not pleased with the announcements Monday. In a statement, the Los Angeles Police Protective League, which represents thousands of rank-and-file LAPD officers, called Gascón’s changes “disturbing.”

Daily News

In New York City, cash bail was removed as of January 1, 2020. According to Politico, backlash ensued, when statistics revealed a spike in crime. By April, some of the “reforms” were rolled back. With the COVID “pandemic” however, more people were “re-evaluated” and let back out on the street in order to protect the criminals from the virus. It created issues, and people were unsafe once again.

Los Angeles County DA Gascón is a former prosecutor in San Francisco.

“As homicides, shooting victims, and shots fired into occupied homes soar in Los Angeles, it’s disturbing that Gascon’s first act in office is to explore every avenue possible to release from jail those responsible for this bloodshed. The new D.A. talks a good game, but his plans will do nothing but further victimize Los Angeles residents.”

Los Angeles Police Union officials


Featured photo: screenshot via KTLA

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