New Jersey VS. 2nd Amendment, yet again.

By Instructor Craig

It seems as though the state of New Jersey just will not stop attacking the second amendment of the Constitution.  On January 26th, New Jersey Attorney General Grewal announced that they will make it even more difficult for citizens in New Jersey to obtain a concealed carry license.  The new administration will be rewording the legislation and bringing back the “justifiable need standard.”

“They (concealed carry applicants) must demonstrate an urgent necessity and a specific threat to their life to get a handgun carry permit” – A.G. Grewal.

The Attorney General then went on to cite supreme court cases from decades ago (1971, 1990) as precedent to maintain the allegation that,

“Generalized fears or concerns were not enough to meet this (justifiable need) standard.”

Again referring to decades old precedent he continues,

“The supreme court in this state on two occasions made absolutely clear that justifiable need meant, ‘Specific threats or PREVIOUS ATTACKS demonstrating a special danger to the applicants life that cannot be avoided by any other means.'”

Before we deconstruct this statement, we need to agree on and understand one thing.  The government, both state and federal, was designed by our forefathers to have one specific purpose and that purpose is to protect its people.  That’s it. Having said that, this statement implies that the state of New Jersey will require its citizens to have previously been attacked in order to carry a firearm, because let’s face it many other viable threats will be over looked because of a political agenda. My question is why not just issue the permits to all law abiding citizens to stop those assaults from occurring in the first place? Answer: your government does not care about your well-being.

According to FBI Uniform Crime Statistics, as the rate of concealed carry coverage goes up we see violent crime go down.  As you see, when taking the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics and charting them against concealed carry coverage the result is, more conceal carry = less violent crime.

Don’t be fooled by the lefts argument of that say “well more guns = more GUN crime.”  The fact of the matter is, they are singling out only one aspect of the violent crime equation with this statement to push their political agenda. Are we as a society looking to minimize ALL violent crimes committed against us or just one aspect of it?

Based on this statistical evidence, the New Jersey government is failing its people and putting a political agenda ahead of the safety of its citizens. All while violating their second amendment rights. How much more will we see liberal states like these forfeit their rights for some false sense of security?

Featured photo: AG Grewal