New Jersey Teen Raises Thousands for Homeless Veterans

new jersey teen

When a Colorado nonprofit called “Houses for Warriors” needed funds for their project to create a safe group home to get homeless veterans off the streets, New Jersey teen Michael Ferrara stepped up to help. He raised the money while training for the Virtual Marine Corps Marathon and putting the post up on Facebook. He dedicated his race to create funds for the nonprofit, which yielded nearly $12K.

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Homeless veterans – “absolutely unacceptable”

“I’ve always looked up to our veterans, the people that have served our country, because they’re out there every single day, they’re going to put their lives on the line. I have a great respect for the people who are willing to and have sacrificed everything to serve our country and to keep America free.”

Michael Ferrara to Fox

The New Jersey teen hopes to join the military after high school. After raising nearly $12K, he gave the money to Houses for Warriors, which helped at least 9 homeless veterans off the streets. His donation also was their first to be able to open their project. Prior to that the organization could only find beds for the veterans at local shelters, which is a poor alternative. Open drug use, violent behavior and confrontations with people who have severe mental health issues, can be a constant ‘trigger’ for veterans in shelters, according to Andrew Canales, the CEO of Houses for Warriors. He is grateful for New Jersey teen Michael Ferrara’s help in getting started.

The 7 year old in Georgia who wanted to help local homeless veterans

Jade Britt and her Mom Holly delivering a care package (Screenshot Fox 5 Atlanta)

In Marietta, GA, 7 year old Jade Britt wanted to help the local population of homeless veterans, and raised around $700 toward that end. She crafted care packages to help ease their plight, and she and her mom already delivered some of them to the local veteran’s center.

The Marietta Veterans center is important because it’s part of our community and we always want to help home first. The people here help people. They really actually help. They don’t just talk about helping. They help with so many resources that they have for veterans

Jade’s Mom, Holly Britt

A New Jersey Teen, a Georgia pre-teen fighting their own fight for our homeless veterans is a hopeful sign for America’s future.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Ray Ferrara Facebook

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