New Jersey Department of Health Plays Scrooge For Christmas

Faye Higbee

An advertisement from the New Jersey Department of Health falsely claimed that children wanted Covid vaccine for Christmas. No, this is not satire. They’ve lost their minds.

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Image “Dear Santa I want you to jab me with a needle” for Christmas. We think not. They’d rather have the newest toys than the evil needle. Besides, who wants to have a sore arm at Christmas? It’s ridiculous.

Check out the fear on this little boy’s face and ask yourself – does he really want a vaccine from Santa? Screenshot from photo by Jon Cherry

The commercial was blasted by an opinion columnist at Shore News Network, a news outlet the covers New Jersey along with a number of other states, who described the ad as evidence that liberal Democrats running the state had “completely lost their minds.” 

“First, let’s start with the left not even liking Christmas and wanting to cancel the entire deal. But, now since it can be used to push the vaccine agenda of the Murphy administration, the NJ DOH is paying, with taxpayer money, to produce and run commercials of a boy asking Santa for the COVID-19 vaccine instead of games and toys,” columnist Robert Walker wrote. 

“So instead of getting your child a PS5 for Christmas, go run out and get them a COVID-19 vaccine, it will brighten their Christmas spirit,” he added, calling the ad “disturbing.”


There were 164 replies to the New Jersey Department of Health ad at the time of this writing. Some of them were doozies.

Like this one for example:

“This is sinister.” @DominvsT

“Uh this is a little disturbing.” @BornAgainCrypto

“This is gross. I feel bad for this kid.” @deathwish11120

“This is disgraceful.” @Mack2920Mack

“Psychos.” @PGQue

“Paid for by Pfizer.” @philg973

“This ad is horrible…” @maomeowing

That’s only a sampling of the comments. None were positive, and that’s unusual for Twitter. The Covid vaccines have been shown to cause heart inflammation in young children. While they are usually fine after medication, it’s still something really unpleasant. To have the New Jersey Department of Health spin Christmas in this manner is totally egregious and wrong.


Featured screenshot from New Jersey Department of Health video (the child was an actor)

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