New Jersey Above the Law: Doesn’t Recognize LEOSA Federal Law

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One week ago tomorrow, New Jersey passed a law that banned active, off duty or retired police officers from carrying their large capacity magazines for their weapons. On Monday, they are supposed to fix the snaffu. But they have also stated that they do not recognize a Federal Law called the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), which allows active and retired police officers to carry their weapons or hollow point ammunition.

“Qualified active and retired law enforcement officers do not need any additional concealed carry permits or licenses. Federal law exempts them from local and State prohibitions on the carriage of concealed firearms.” LEOSA

Except New Jersey, of course. New Jersey doesn’t recognize the Federal Law. And gee they could leave those magazines home while off duty. Isn’t that a great solution? Not.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

“…LEOSA was ‘designed to protect officers and their families from vindictive criminals, and to allow thousands of equipped, trained and certified law enforcement officers, whether on-duty, off-duty or retired, to carry concealed firearms in situations where they can respond immediately to a crime across state and other jurisdictional lines.’…

…The new law that limits gun magazines to 10 rounds also went into effect on Dec. 10 without the legislature taking up the amendment to create an exception for law enforcement officers.

Modern firearms issued to patrol officers generally hold 12 or more rounds of ammunition.

That means that just about all law enforcement officers in New Jersey will be breaking the law if they carry their assigned duty weapons while off duty, including just being home with them, unless they live outside of the state or leave their magazines behind at work, rendering the weapons near-useless.

Bergen County Prosecutor Dennis Calo issued a memorandum to local police officials on Dec. 13 reminding everyone that the prohibition of the possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines also applied to off-duty law enforcement officers.

The amendment to allow active duty and retired police officers to carry their extended magazine weapons off duty is set to be signed on Monday. But as for the hollow point rounds, New Jersey says absolutely not. If the amendment is signed, then retired officers will be able to carry their 15 round magazines IF they have permission from the New Jersey State Police Superintendent.

We recently wrote about Calvin Carlstrom, who is not only a US Marine veteran but also retired Marine Guard at Camp David …he can’t even get permission to carry his weapon on the job even though his local police chief signed off on it. He’s had to start a GoFundMe just to get enough money to keep fighting for his 2nd amendment rights. It’s the Communist state of New Jersey.


This article has been update to reflect a correction in Calvin’s personal history.


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  • LOU


  • Martin Peter

    Why isn’t Attorney General Barr filing federal charges against the Governor, law makers, and arresting officers for false arrest and false imprisonment.

  • Raymond Mejias, Ret USAF, Ret NYPD

    I wonder if murphy will assure that the average perp will also adhere to the idiotic 10 round mag as he has his off duty LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS do? I almost forgot, and all those illegal aliens that he’s giving our over taxed money to. Yea, I’m sure those ms13 dude’s follow the rules. When is enough-enough? Police officers, active or retired, fear losing their freedom for carrying the needed tool of their profession and then you have hundreds of thousands illegal aliens protected by the same corrupt left wing socialist democrats. These left wing socialist democrats are as illegal as those criminals that snuck across our borders. They all must be voted out! The must be held accountable when an officer dies because he was out gunned by the thugs Governor Murphy protects

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