A New Conspiracy Theory – Scare Tactic or Something More Sinister?

By Matthew Peavy

There has been a report circulating through the web that a deserting soldier contacted a patriot in Austin, Texas. According to this ‘soldier’ (unspecified rank or service) he is now trying to get ‘off the grid’ after receiving his orders to deploy in Texas after a Government sanctioned EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is used on June 15th.

 conspiracy theory

Third person accounts- not usually credible

Now I understand that not every story is credible, and I certainly hope this is one is not, but I also believe that every story has a purpose, if nothing more than to take us off our guard by “crying wolf.”

A man named Dale Lewis came forward on Facebook after receiving the information from a close friend that was contacted by the deserting serviceman. (That third person thing). According to Lewis’ contact, the serviceman was agitated and wanted to somehow “get the word out of the imminent attack by our own government.”  The serviceman provided paperwork to give credence to his claims; unfortunately, we do not have a copy of this ‘paperwork.’

Mr. Lewis was interviewed by Project Camelot (a website for whistleblowers and others) shortly after this post, and although a bit on the rough side, he appears to be believable in the video. Strangely, while doing the research on this, the website for Project Camelot portal seemed to be under some kind of cyber attack and was not accessible. Was that by design? And why are these conspiracy theories always conveniently missing the first hand information?

No benefit for an attack like this

Could this really happen? I don’t put anything past our current government, but, I honestly don’t see the benefit to our current administration by blatantly declaring war on its own citizens, unless they try to use it as a false flag and say it was an outside attack from the likes of ISIS on our Texas border.

Conspiracy theories and Misinformation

Misinformation has always been a great weapon for our government, and if you watch the mainstream media, you will see it in play each and every day. This is probably no different. If such an attack were to occur, the ramifications would be off the charts. If nothing happens (the most likely scenario), then you know that it was most likely a test to see how fast information moves through alternative websites. I guess we will see tomorrow…