Netanyahu is Angry: Obama and Kerry Stabbed Israel in the Back

Faye Higbee

Despite the Obama claims that it’s “absurd” to assign fault to the U.S. abstention at the UN, the fallout between Netanyahu and Obama is severe. With John Kerry saying that Israel’s settlements breed terrorism, and the vote allowing the anti-Israel resolution #2334 to go through, things have gone from rocky to downright ugly in a matter of days.

Netanyahu openly stated that Obama was to blame for the UN vote. He also bluntly stated that Israel will not abide by it.

“The Obama administration not only failed to defend Israel from this harassment at the UN, it cooperated with it behind the scenes…we are looking forward to working with President-elect [Donald] Trump and with our friends in Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, to undo the damage of this absurd resolution.” Benjamin Netanyahu

He cancelled all Israeli aid to Senegal, and called back Israeli ambassadors to New Zealand and Senegal. He called in their ambassadors for “consultations.” He called in the US Ambassador to talk as well, a highly unusual move.

Stupid moves from Obama and John Kerry

John Kerry has been a facilitator of the anti-Israel movement for a long time. His recent statement that Israel’s building of settlements “breeds terrorism” is nothing short of ignorant. Hamas hates Jews, the settlements are a  distraction. When offered a state with land of their own, the Palestinians refused it. They’d rather kill Jews.

This administration has constantly sided with the jihadists, saying ridiculous things like  “they just need jobs.”

What’s next?

The UN vote characterizes Israel as an “illegitimate” state. In other words, it says that Israel is an occupier, not a real entity. The actual fact is that Israel’s nation status was sanctioned by the UN in 1947.

The Oslo Accords, which were signed in 1993 and 1995 between the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) and Israel were meant to be a long and lasting peace agreement that would ultimately lead to a two state solution. The Accords were never honored by the PLO or any terror group, and attacks against Israelis continued.

“Oslo was a dead letter for years thanks to Palestinian Arab intransigence and terrorism, but the United States’ policy had been stable since 1993: America would veto any resolution regarding settlements, since that was an issue for bilateral negotiation toward a two-state solution. Now, the United States has undercut that policy, destroying the very basis of Oslo.” Ben Shapiro

Basically, the anti-Israel forces “moved the goalposts.” The UN vote rewrites international law to say that Israel does not have the right to exist, a key part of Islamist doctrine.

The resolution says that the Temple Mount and the Western Wall are in “occupied territory” which deletes Israel’s claim to the holiest sites in the world. The UNESCO had already declared the Temple Mount Muslim property in total contradiction to history. The resolution basically set that in granite.

“The US administration secretly cooked up with the Palestinians an extreme anti-Israeli resolution behind Israel’s back which would be a tailwind for terror and boycotts and effectively make the Western Wall occupied Palestinian territory.” Senior Israeli official

The resolution now sets up Israel for “war crimes” before the International Criminal Court (ICC). It sets them up for sanctions like the boycott of Israeli products (BDS).