Navy Released Video on Using Gender Neutral Pronouns.

Faye Higbee

The US Navy released a video meant to teach service members how to correctly use gender neutral pronouns. Never mind that Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea see our weakness and are laughing hysterically as they plan to create as much mayhem as possible in the world. And they will, if this continues. From the most lethal fighting forces on earth to a bunch of people demanding a “safe-space,” the military under this administration is a mess. Biden is hell-bent on destroying America. And it’s working.

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The US military, and in this case, the US Navy released a video that focused on creating “inclusive, safe spaces for everyone” – a radical departure from warfighting. The culture has changed, and not for the better.

War is hell. They’re not teaching our military members to fight for the country, or survive to come home, they’re teaching them to live in a Utopian world where no one gets hurt. If only they understood the problem from at least seeing the destruction, the carnage, from the Ukraine war, they might get a clue. Instead, they’re focused on social issues that are irrelevant… like pronouns. And in the military, that flaw will be detrimental to their safety. It’s a radical shift in military preparedness that threatens our very existence.


Biden promised during the campaign that he wanted to diminish US Military might as a tool in foreign policy. We wrote about it. Everyone ignored it. He’s done it. After Jan 6, the woke Secretary of Defense issued a “stand down order” so they could conduct a witch hunt for “extremists” – and out of the millions of service members, they only found a small handful. One group asked Biden to remove every smidgen of Christian thought from the military and America. The administration has been working on that. Then there’s that vaccine mandate that purged hundreds of capable service members. All while attempting to disarm the US population…the Biden Administration, Congress and Senate are working on that.

The Navy released video is a serious harbinger of problems ahead, although we choose to believe there are still tough US service members who will fight for our nation. But it’s scary, there is no doubt.

The video highlights the radical shift in military preparedness and standards that have occurred as of late. Instead of training soldiers to fight, and, more importantly, come home alive, US military leaders are focused on creating a more inclusive, sensitive environment – as the Navy video clarifies, a literal “safe space.” It’s a woke joke.

Unfortunately, this crippling agenda is pervading the entire US military system, with gender affirmation and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) programs popping up in all six branches under Biden’s fraudulent leadership.

Meanwhile, our adversaries continue to capitalize on this regime’s miserable failings and planned destruction of the US. Add in the fact that the vaccine mandates purged a large number of our best military members, and things are looking even worse.

Julian Conradson at Gateway Pundit


Featured screenshot from video

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