Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum: Patriotism Is Not Dead

On Wednesday, a crowd of Hockey Fans literally took over the singing of the National Anthem from their regular singer, Nicole Raviv. The New York Islanders regularly have Nicole as their “opener” – but Wednesday was particularly patriotic. As she began to sing the anthem, the crowd became the “backup singers,” belting out the National Anthem as she turned the microphone toward them. The Hockey Game at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (affectionately known as “the Barn”) was one stepping stone toward the Stanley Cup Semifinals.

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The Nassau Coliseum fans

The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (or just Nassau Coliseum) New York Islander fans filled in the gaps when Nicole’s microphone went out at Game 4. But on Wednesday with Game 6 against the Boston Bruins, there were no gaps, and the microphone worked fine. The resulting sounds of a patriotic display went viral.

And…the Islanders won their 6th game, advancing them forward in the hunt for the Stanley Cup.

Many Twitter fans were delighted at the patriotic sounds. One head coach described it as “deafening,” but maybe it was a message that the fans were trying to give.

I’m a naturalized citizen and this brings me great honor to see. As an immigrant I am proud to be an American and would gladly stand and sing this song of freedom.

George D.

I’m a NY Rangers fan and this gave me chills! Major props to you for letting the crowd share in your moment. It was so powerful when you came back in at the end. Beautiful.

Rick B

You and Islander Nation gave our country a much needed shot of patriotism at a time when we sorely needed it. So unselfish you stepped away from the moment briefly and allowed something bigger to happen. And you got pipes!

Patrick K

I was there. For just a few beautiful moments 12,000 people forgot their politics and were just one thing. They were Americans. It was awesome.

B Louis

From a Soldier, thank you. A million times… thank you! What a selfless act. What a class act – you understood the moment. You have an amazing voice. I wasn’t there – wish I was!

Chris C


Featured photo: Screenshot of Nicole Raviv at the Nassau Coliseum

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