Nashville Hatchet Killer Tried to Buy a Gun Before Murder

By Faye Higbee

On June 4, Joel Paavola was killed by a former employee wielding a hatchet at a gym in the Belle Meade mall in Nashville, Tennessee. The Nashville hatchet killer was identified as Dominic Micheli, 36. Micheli had been fired by Paavola about 14 months prior to the attack, and had a history of mental illness. Police launched an intense manhunt to find him.

He was finally arrested by KSP in Kentucky near Bowling Green on June 5. They found a large knife and a hatchet in his Toyota Prius. He was returned to Nashville. Now investigators have learned that he attempted to purchase a gun on May 30 in Williamson County, but failed the background check and was denied, according to the Tennessean.

Officials stated that had he been able to purchase a gun there might have been more casualties. A couple of lessons here: if a person is intent on murder, they will use whatever means are necessary to accomplish it, and the laws already in place do work when properly applied.

Of course, that will be lost on the left.