Muslims Bring a Host of Problems to St Cloud Schools

By Faye Higbee

Muslims Bring a Host of Problems to St Cloud Schools

We recently wrote an article about Muslims being allowed to pray at St. Cloud School district. On March 30, we were contacted by a person from that school district who told us that the problem isn’t the Muslim prayer itself – it’s a host of other issues.


Somali Muslim girls- File Photo from another school (subjects are juveniles, so we have blacked out part of their faces)

Shortage of rooms

The St. Cloud School District has a shortage of rooms. Setting one aside for Muslim prayer makes it difficult to find places that are needed for classrooms.

A listening problem

Girls wearing hijabs hide earphones beneath them. They listen to music all day on their cell phones, and “never hear a word” the teachers say. And because the earphones are hidden, no one knows.


The Somali Muslim students are disrespectful to the person who contacted us.

“I am called a bitch and fucking bitch my young girls in hijabs on a daily basis, not by others!?! I can’t  figure that one out.  They also feel that they have the right to return from prayer late and tell teachers that there were a lot of people and they couldn’t get out of the prayer room.

If I ask a Somali if they have a pass they tell me to fuck off, others do not.  The staff spends a lot of time writing up kids for disrespect and it isn’t getting any better.”


What’s the answer? Could the school district simply ban cell phones? That might help with the listening issue, but the disrespect issue is much deeper.

The real answer would be if parents taught true respect to their children. Unfortunately, in other cultures like Somalian Muslims, it entirely depends upon the interpretation of the different Muslim texts whether there is respect for non-Muslims.

“Obedience (of authority) is due only in good matters.” Mohammad in the Bukhari

“…Obey me as long as I obey Allah and His Messenger; in case I disobey Allah and His Messenger, I have no right to obedience from you.” Hazrat Abu Bakr- the First Head of State after Mohammad.

“Disregard their annoying talk.” 33:48

Political correctness has created difficulties for teachers and others in St.Cloud, as well as other school districts across the nation that have large numbers of Muslim refugees. It isn’t likely to get better any time soon.