Muslim Woman Makes Threats at LAX – Was this properly handled?

By Faye Higbee

Muslim Woman Makes Threats at LAX – Was this properly handled?

Back on June 14, a religious Muslim woman began making terroristic threats outside the terminal at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). She threatened to bomb America, and declared allah as god of all gods.

When contacted by police and her belongings searched, she was released, and allowed to continue on her way into the terminal.

Cameraman  Tony Vera, (Antonio Echevarria) who recorded the whole thing, walked up to her and asked a few questions…which went nowhere.

As Tony tried to get more information, he decided it wasn’t worth it to stand there and listen to her, so he wished her a “safe flight.” That’s when she really went off.

“F*** America. I will make sure we bomb America. You wait and see!”

muslim woman

Real of fake? One minute this woman was open faced, the next she had tied up her hijab like this screenshot.

For a full 6 minutes, the woman ranted on about how Islam was supreme over every other religion. Watch the incident here:

Then she “calmly” continued on her way into the terminal to board an aircraft bound for Asia.

Two hours into the mess, police finally escorted her from the premises. As they removed her, she said “You will see.”

What was the proper response?

This woman was searched and police found nothing. For those officers who first encountered her, that was the end of it. Just a mentally deranged loud mouth and no bomb. The encounter with police appeared to end amicably with her smiling and waving.

But as soon as Tony Vera approached her, she changed her tune and once again began making threats about bombing America. One minute she had no face veil, the next she had tied up her hijab into a niqab. Was she for real?

Eventually the FBI and Homeland Security were called. She never made it on to the plane, and was whisked off in a police vehicle.

Was she just trying to get attention? (She got it). Was she just nuts? Or should police have taken her more seriously the first time?


A note about Tony Vera – he is an award winning documentary photographer and journalist, as well as a performer. He has been honored for his courage in saving lives, getting  involved in situations most would walk away from.