Muslim Men buying LOTS of propane tanks in FL

By Faye Higbee

Why are Muslim men buying lots of propane tanks in Miami? Just a question. Are they planning a giant-sized BBQ for their Islamic congregations? Are they using the propane to heat their mosques? Wait…it’s Florida.

muslim men buying

What will these Muslim men do with all those propane tanks?

An unusual purchase

One Miami shopper on December 9 took a photo of two Muslim men loading approximately 30 propane tanks into the back of a pickup at a Miami Home Depot. It would be weird enough for anyone, but for these two it conjured up some very unpleasant thoughts.

The photo was posted by Tracy Cottrell on December 9, at 12:50 p.m.. The post stated that all of the bottles were purchased at Home Depot and that they “filled the back of the pickup.”

Let’s try that addition game again, shall we? 

Over 100 cellphones purchased in Missouri.

About 60 propane tanks stolen in Missouri

A box full of explosives was found in a National Forest…in Missouri. The commercial grade explosives were powerful enough to make two – 2 foot craters. Police said the explosives were hard to purchase by ordinary folk.

Now we have Florida in the game too.  Lovely.

No one called the police

RightWingNews wrote,

“No one seemed to think this purchase was out of place enough to warrant a call to the authorities. That’s daft. Christmas is less than two weeks away. Radical Islamists would like nothing better than to take out a bunch of infidel Christians at this time of year to engender terror and chaos. Americans are terrified when they see these activities taking place and worse yet, that our agencies are doing literally nothing to track or stop them. We are courting bloody disaster here. The cellphones and propane tanks being bought could go virtually anywhere. Bombs could be set up all over the freaking country and we would have no way of knowing until way too late. They could be detonated from anywhere…” 

Rather than be afraid of these people, we need to make sure we tell law enforcement when something seems out of place. It’s not profiling, folks, it’s survival. When the pattern of a group’s behavior includes violence against us, then we must pay attention to what is going on.

If they’re doing something totally legal with all that propane, awesome. If not…