Muslim Immigrants in Sweden – Sexual Assault and Murder

By Faye Higbee

Muslim Immigrants in Sweden – Sexual Assault and Murder

Sexual Assault

An incident of sexual assault at a Swedish recreation center on Wednesday sparked outrage on Social media. At least 5 girls were molested at a school building where students wait for their parents to pick them up. The suspects were Muslim immigrants from a nearby refugee center – something the Swedish press has refused to print.


Sweden is under attack by immigrants. And authorities are actively covering it up. What once was a lovely, peaceful nation has become something else entirely- and dangerous for white females of any age.

We reached out to an Uncle Sam’s source in Sweden who told us,

These were ” refugees ” living in a refugee housing complex nearby… And what’s shocking about this is that the guys tried to push the girls into a dark room, grab them in their “female area.” And the girls were crying , and the staff from the asylum [refugee] centre and the staff at the school … they also told them not to say anything to anyone not to post it on Facebook, they laughed at the incident and told them to ” man up.”

Swedish media has been covering up the identity of perpetrators of these incidents simply by not printing ethnicity or “skin color.”

“…the incident with the refugees they tried to cover it up and it didn’t appear anywhere in like mainstream media. It was 5 girls from what I know. And now they are afraid to go out and are crying as soon as they see immigrants…”

And sexual assault is not the only kind of incident that is being covered up by media and even the police in Sweden.

 muslim immigrants


On January 12, a 15 year old Lithuanian boy named Arminas Pileckas stood up to a Syrian refugee named Ahmed who was harassing white school girls. It occurred in the town of  Broby, Östra Göinge in Sweden. Later, when he laid down on a bench at lunchtime, Ahmed stabbed him to death. The local press simply wrote that it was a student dispute that “escalated” between one younger student and the boy. There was no “escalation,” Arminas was half asleep when it happened.

Arminas Pileckas was only 15 years old. When he defended some white girls from a Muslim immigrant, he was stabbed to death while he was half asleep. Photo via redicecreations.

“A “newly arrived Sweden” held the knife. That is why we are not getting name and picture splattered all over the Swedish press, as we did shortly after the Trollhattan stabbing, where it was a Swedish kid. The media, the school and everyone else is protecting him because he is not Swedish. Despite the cucked [screwed up] article below from the Local, is been very easy to find out who the murderer is.

Ahmed, who comes from Syria, was causing trouble and going after the girls at the school. Arminas, a Lithuanian kid, decided to stand up to him. Later that day, when he was lying down on a bench, half asleep, he was stabbed by Ahmed.”

A Muslim using the handle “WYeWtnni” on 4chan responded to the news by saying this:

“swedes will thank Ahmad for killing the evil cis white christian european male and saving Sweden from nazism and give him 10 of the finest blonde blue-eyed 12 year old girls as sex slaves, which will be offered to him by willing swedish families, happy to see their daughters embracing cultural enrichment, as a reward for his brave actions.”

And that kind of thing has been invited into their country by the government and uninformed citizens.

Political Correctness

Pay close attention: Swedish police have come under fire for covering up incidents of sexual molestation over the last couple of years, and in particular at a music festival in 2015. With the Swedish press and police trying to cover up the fact that immigrants are causing this, it has only caused the number of incidents to go up. As the Muslim males sit back and laugh, the children and the women are at risk.

America, wake up.