Muslim Girl Arrested for Lying about Abuse by Trump Supporters

Yasmin Seweid

Update: Heat Street is reporting that Yasmin Seweid has emerged with a shaved head after being arrested for lying about an attack. She had been dating a Catholic, according to reports.

An 18 year old college student, Yasmin Seweid, was arrested by New York Police after she reported on Dec 2 that she was attacked by three Trump supporters for her religion. She has been charged with Filing a False Police Report, and Obstructing Government Administration for causing the investigation.

Police were suspicious of the report at the beginning because of inconsistencies in her story. They assumed at first that she was just traumatized from the incident. But then they were unable to locate more than one of her suspects on surveillance footage, and there was no picture of the incident. No witnesses came forward.

She disappeared from her Father’s home after reporting the incident, and turned up at her sister’s house on Dec 10.

NBC reported,

The Baruch College student originally said she told police she was approached by three men and told to “get out of this country,” was called a terrorist aboard the train and told to “get the f****** hijab off your head!” She also alleged that one of the men grabbed her bag and broke the strap.¬†

Seweid posted to Facebook about the attack on Dec. 2, saying that “it breaks my heart that so many individuals chose to be bystanders while watching me get harassed verbally and physically by these disgusting pigs.”

OH, but it turned out that she had been out drinking (a no- no for Muslims) and needed something to distract her father from being angry with her.

Police said they gave her numerous opportunities to recant her story, but it wasn’t until recently that she finally admitted that she made it all up. Officials stated that the investigation of this fake hate crime ate up a “lot of resources.”

This kind of incident has helped fuel the hate spouted against Donald Trump and against everyone that Muslims decry as “Islamophobic.”. Reportedly, resident of the area are upset that she lied, because everyone was ready to jump on Trump for the actions of his “supporters.”

It must be a disappointment for them to know that the “victim” wasn’t a “victim” at all.