MSNBC Hires Strzok Lover, Former FBI Attorney Lisa Page as Analyst

By Faye Higbee

MSNBC, CNN, an other lefist media outlets don’t really believe they’re leftists, they believe they’re middle of the road and those of us on the right are “extremist.” So it follows that they would hire former FBI attorney Lisa Page, the controverisal Strzok lover, to be one of their legal and National Security analysts (Fox).  After all, she hates Trump as much as they do.

Richard Grenell, the recent Acting National Security Adviser tweeted, “Is she getting a work phone?”

Former FBI attorney claimed innocence in “Crossfire-Hurricane” 

Page: “He’s not ever going to become President, right?”

Strzok: “No, we’ll stop it.”

FBI 302 form that she claimed she didn’t edit, but actually did.

The first Horowitz report said he didn’t think hatred of Trump had any bearing on the FBI’s actions.

She called President Trump a “loathsome human being” and “awful.”

What was the “insurance policy” mentioned by Strzok? FBI attorney Page claimed it was an “analogy.” You know, one of those fluffy ideas that has no reality to it. Wrong. We’ve been in the middle of that “analogy” now for the last four years.

Here’s a text that gives us pause regarding the whole ‘Russian collusion’ hoax.

Screenshot via Thread Reader @DocRock1007

Lisa Page was a participant, not a bystander. During the Mueller investigation,  attorneys “deleted” 5 months worth of texts between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. Oh my gosh, how did that happen? (Sarcasm)

Through this entire process, Lisa Page claimed innocence, although she did admit that her affair with Strzok was wrong.

“There’s no fathomable way I have committed any crime at all.”

In 2019, Lisa Page sued the DOJ over the release of the text messages between her and Peter Strzok, stating that it was an illegal invasion of privacy that interfered with her ability to be gainfully employed.  Is that part of the lawsuit irrelevant now that MSNBC hired her?

So now we have the former FBI attorney hired by MSNBC as an analyst for National Security and legal issues. It seems that the left wing media is constantly picking up the Trump haters aka deep state operatives left over from the Obama years. It’s just another heavily biased action that shows the MSM has no integrity whatsoever.

Featured photo: screenshot via MSNBC


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