MSNBC Anchor: Handguns Wouldn’t Stop a School Shooter, Bullets are “Too Slow”

MSNBC Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell told his viewers that a handgun wouldn’t stop a school shooter because the bullets travel too slow. Townhall reported that it’s his reasoning (or lack thereof) why the idea that arming teachers is not a good one.

One bullet properly placed will take out a shooter. That’s a fact. Maybe he should stop reading Wikipedia and pay closer attention to the effects of bullets in real life. He and Dianne Feinstein. She thinks that getting hit with a bullet from a handgun is like getting stabbed, and goes in like a nail. Did she consult with Congressman Steve Scalise before she said that? Has she ever been shot?

A Coke can. Seriously. Has she ever actually seen the effects of any gun wound on anyone? Not. Let’s be clear: the Capitol Police STOPPED the shooter with an SKS rifle who was systematically attacking Congress members last year. They stopped him with HANDGUNS.


We don’t really know if ODonnell was reading Wikipedia or not, but it sounds vaguely familiar from their listing of “muzzle velocity.” How fast a bullet travels is completely irrelevant in confronting an armed suspect unless you’ve been reloading with wax instead of real bullets. A bullet from a handgun can put an armed suspect out of commission immediately.  Ask Congressman Steve Scalise. He understands.