Molli’s Military Dogs – how a Flight Attendant Reunites Dogs and Handlers

By Faye Higbee

Molli’s Military Dogs – how a Flight Attendant Reunites Dogs and Handlers

Molli Oliver is a Flight Attendant with United Airlines. She loves dogs. She loves the military. And now she has found a way to help both- by reuniting retired military personnel with their military working dogs.

How it all began

Molli was working on a military charter when she started chatting with a US Marine. He told her that he was still sad five years after being deployed in Afghanistan – he missed his Labrador retriever. He explained there was no way for him to go pick up the dog.

“Well, where is the dog? I’ll get him for you.” Molli

According to

She was heartbroken by Sgt. Andrew Mulherron’s story as she flew with Marines heading for deployment overseas in April 2015. Mulherron was the first handler for another black lab, Boone, starting in 2009.

Their bond was deepened by the fact that Boone was a hero, receiving a medal for detecting 11 confirmed explosive devices in Afghanistan.

Mulherron eventually settled in California and Boone went to another handler. Oliver tracked down Boone to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and was able to secure permission to fly him to California, her first reunion.

A new passion

She did it. She was hooked. Reuniting military dogs with their handlers is now  a passion.

Molli is only 5’2″ and is 65 years young. Many of her family members have served, and she loves the troops.  Doing this brings her  joy.

“I love the dogs, and I love my military that’s taken care of my freedom my whole life, so it’s a win-win to combine the two” Molli

Her 5th endeavor was reuniting Army Staff Sgt. Derrek Green and black lab, Zeva, in El Paso, Texas.

Military Dogs

Sgt Derreck Green, Zeva, and Molli – photo from Molli Oliver via the Star-Telegram.

This video shows the emotional reunion between yellow lab Taylor (aka Tay Tay) and her handler, Army Sgt Tom Hansen of Boise, Idaho.

Morning News USA wrote,

As reported by the San Francisco Globe, Hansen has partnered with Oliver to form a non-profit aimed at continuing Oliver’s mission. The two have started a crowd-funding page calling Reuniting Battle Buddies at

That moment a soldier reunites with their dog is precious, Oliver said. “It’s overwhelming for them,” she said. “It’s a part of them that’s been missing.”

Though handlers are usually given first adoption rights for the dogs who are retired, many of the dogs end up in military kennels. It can cost thousands of dollars to reunited them with handlers who want them.  What Molli Oliver does is a great service to our military veterans.

Thanks, Molli Oliver.

molli's military dogs

Molli and friend – Photo via United Airlines